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Fueled By Breath

No description

Lisa Engles

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Fueled By Breath

Fueled By Breath
Purpose: To ENGAGE or UNITE Mind, Body and Breath
Cool Down
Purpose: To Close Your Practice
Purpose: To ACTIVATE Your Breath
Purpose: To ALIGN and HARMONIZE Body and Mind
Your breath is the master key to optimal health and peak performance... here's why
Try this breathing test
Your breath directly affects your nervous system
There is a direct relationship
between breath and heart rate
Certain ways of breathing will affect your brainwave state
Warm up 10-15 minutes easy
Perform 3-5 sets of counting your breath rate for 1 minute
Take at least 2 minutes between each 1 minute set
Note how many breaths you took
Now do this again, counting your breath rate while only breathing through your nose
What to notice
The difference between nasal-oral and nasal only breathing
The quality of your breath (jerky, shallow, smooth, deep etc)
How your heart rate was affected
Synchronize breath and stride rate
Breath Patterns
Even (4/4)
Uneven (4/2, 2/4)
Periods of time in which you alternate patterned breathing with the natural breath
Purpose: To Tap Into A SOURCE of Strength and Power Beyond Your Conscious Understanding. The use of mantras enhance mental focus ad harness the power of the subconscious mind.
An opportunity to tune into the messages of your body
Set your intention for how you choose to BE

in and with your body until your next practice
Give gratitude for your body and for the gift of the journey.
3-5 minutes
The Nose Is
Made For Breathing
the nose is designed to inhale air
nasal breathing maximizes oxygen utilization
nasal breathing stimulates the parasympathetic 'relaxation' response
optimized energy levels
elimination of toxins trapped in body
improves metabolism
creates inner-calm
and peace of mind
helps to reduce
stress and anxiety
enhanced mental clarity
and focus
improved circulation
creates greater sense of connectedness
with surroundings
reshape the body
increases immunity
increases prana/chi through
bodies meridians
open your practice
activate your breath
move into awareness
Create a Partnership With Your Body By:
Trusting that your body is Intelligent and Wise
Becoming aware (notice what you notice)
Listening to the messages it's giving you
Honoring the messages you hear
Practical Application
The Underlying Cause and
The Solution

The Breath
prana is life force (also known as chi)
pranayama is the practice of breath control to harness life force
The process of breathing, of the fundamental movement of inspiration and expiration, is one of the great miracles of existence. It not only unleashes the energies of life, but it also provides a healing pathway to the deepest recesses of our being.

To inhale fully is to fill ourselves with the energies of life, to be INSPIRED; to exhale fully is to empty ourselves, to open ourselves to the unknown, to be EXPIRED...To breathe is to live.

- Dennis Lewis 'The Tao of Natural Breathing'
What can we learn from these ancient practices, and how can we harness that understanding to turn our ordinary run into an extra-ordinary practice that has profound implications for our body, mind and spirit?
The breath is the vehicle for life force
Carries gases vital to life and optimal health
Transfers subtle energy- life force- through out our body
Consciously used, the breath becomes a bridge between mind and body
The breath transmits spiritual power
Breathing in a certain way opens the channel to receiving INspiration (to be inspired) from a Source greater than ourselves.
You don't have to be a yogi to access all the benefits of breathing--
By learning how to breathe in a certain way, you can improve the quality and the quantity of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.
You can use your daily run to practice certain breathing techniques and reap the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.
Discover why you probably aren't running at your peak potential
Learn why your breath is secret to taking the 'work' out of your workouts
Learn the 5-step running practice I've taught to my own clients and athletes so that they could harness the power of their breath for peak performance and peak health

The Stress Treadmill
and You
Are You Running On The Stress Treadmill?
Today, nearly everyone is afflicted by constant physical, mental and emotional stress.
Improper breathing contributes to all the symptoms experienced in the stress treadmill syndrome.

And when you combine improper breathing with running, it exacerbates the problem.
Personal Life:
Over committed
Over worked
Physical body:
Over trained
Fatigued or lack of energy
Chronic pain and/or injury
Always get sick (sore throat, flu)
Metabolic disorders
Adrenal fatigue
Performance plateaus
Mental/Emotional State:
Stressed out
Burned out
Lack of motivation
Our autonomic nervous systems are overstimulated and we're running on a continuous stress treadmill that we can't seem to stop or get off of.
The Mouth Is Made For Eating
the mouth is an emergency route for breath
when you breathe through your mouth the air bypasses the critical preparatory steps before entering lungs
mouth breathing causes a shallow breath response
it also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system
impossible to achieve maximum oxygen utilization
panic attacks
low back pain
chronic fatigue
poor digestion
decreased waste
impaired immunity
3 Rules To Remember
For Your Pranayama Running Practice
1. Always breathe through your nose
2. Always move from a place of comfort
3. The slower you go, the faster you'll improve
How To Nasal Breathe
Keep your mouth closed at all times
Relax your jaw
Place and hold tongue just behind upper teeth
Exhale is important
Pay attention to the quality of your breath and adjust as needed
As you begin, run at a slow pace and go through the following steps:

1. Notice- your current mental and emotional state. What are you thinking and feeling? Can you let go ?

2. Scan your body- notice any tension, tightness, restriction, pain. Where is it located? What is your body telling you?

3. Move and breathe from a place of comfort. You should never feel stress or strain in your breath.

Time: 8-20 min
Have a Practice Mentality
It's about the journey, not the destination- celebrate your unique journey.
Let go of expectations
Accept where you are right now, without judgement
There is always a gift in the obstacle- find the gift
Find the flow- become non-resistant
Become present
Become the observer
Make empowering choices
Be patient and dedicated
Time: 3-5 min
Key Points to Remember
1. Before including this step, be sure you're comfortable with nasal breathing
2. Start with a 4/4 (even) breath pattern
3. Only do 1-2 min of breath pattern at a time
4. Do no more than 3 sets of patterned breathing in the beginning
you do this naturally already
the difference is that you'll lengthen your breath/stride ratio
this will take practice as you learn the new rhythm and as you build strength in your diaphragm
Qualities of Mantra:
Elicits an emotional connection
Is believable
Is framed in the positive and present
Has a rhythmic quality when recited
What is a mantra?
A word, phrase or sound that's repeated in order to elicit transformation.
Example Mantras
I am awesome, I am fast- I stay focused to the task at hand.
My legs, my feet, my heart, my mind- in harmony and aligned.
Whatever I can conceive and believe, I can achieve.
My body is wise, my body is whole, my body carries me effortlessly down the road.
Practical Application
By this point in your practice, you will be in an alpha brainwave state
Harness the hidden powers of your subconscious mind by using mantra
Pick a mantra that you can repeat for 5 to 20+ minutes
This will be very meditative
You can perform this step for as short or as long as you like.

For over 4000 years the ancient art of breathing has been used by the Indians, Chinese, Egyptians and Inca for it's ability to heal the body and elevate consciousness
Are You Breathing Correctly?
Try this simple test:
Take 4-5 deep breaths and as you do notice how you breathe.
Did you nasal-oral breathe?
What movements could you sense or feel in your body?
Shoulders, abdomen, rib cage
What was the quality of your breath?
Shallow, jerky, smooth, long, short .....

My Story....
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