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Industrial Training

No description

dhiya fathan

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Industrial Training

Media Innovation and Management Faculty of Management Industrial Training Program
In T-Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. 18 March 2013 - 28 June 2013 Dhiya Fathan Bin Hassan - 1041106804 Line Manager : Ms. Vivien Seh Lecturer : Mr. Mohd Rozaini Bin Mohd Rejab Prepared By Deutsche Telekom Group T-Systems International IT Service provider.
Local branches in more than 20 countries.
More than 52,000 employees worldwide. T-Systems Malaysia Started in 2008.
Obtained the MSC status.
More than 1,200 employees.
Hosting & Storage Services.
Will become operational hub for the Asia Pacific region. Talent Aquisition
Recruitment Vivien Seh Nerosha
Arumugam Rajalakshmy
Barathilingam Sarveena Devi
Magesperan Shazawati
Mohammad Line Manager Interview Arrangement 4. TelePresence interview 1. Telephonic/Skype interview 2. Face to face interview 3. Call-Conference interview E-Mail to Unsuccessful Candidates Within a week, recruitment team will received interview result.

If succeed, recruiters will proceed for hiring. Pre-Screening
Job Applicants Pre-screening job applicants on Jobstreet.

Call shortlisted applicants.

Summarize and submit application to hiring managers. Thank you
to Mr. Rozaini Ms. Vivien
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