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Culture pizza

APHG Project

Fox James

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Culture pizza

Family Traditions Sisters Culture Pizza By: Fox James By: Fox James Brothers Kate (Stepmom) David (Dad) Rebekah Tara(Mom) Asher Aaralynn Tylor Ethan CHristmas We Celebrate Holidays like.... Halloween Thanksgiving BY: Fox James clothing Food Job I Would like to work in the Navy as a naval engineer. Sports and fun I love to play football I like to watch baseball with my family I play Xbox 360 with my friends Education I would like to go to the Naval Academy and graduate with a degree in engineering. Technology Apple devices are my favorite forms of technology such as my 80GB Ipod Art and Entertainment My favorite music is Rock and Alternative. One of my favorite bands is the Foo Fighters. My favorite tv show is Adventure Time My favorite movie is The Amazing Spider-man My Favorite books are The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy Values You have to have a sense of humor to live with my family or your life would be miserable. You have to tell the truth or you will be in even 10x the trouble if you don't. It's a big thing for us. I like to wear hoodies, t-shirts, Converse, and Baseball Caps My Favorite foods in order from most favorite to just regular favorite
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