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The dangers of sending naked or partially naked people to others.

Erica Porter

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of SEXTING

Sexting who does it? everyone... but the problems occur when teenagers do it major why??? teenagers are
easily manipulated
known for doing things that come back to haunt them later
not allowed to send naked pictures of themselves to others
sending naked pics of yourself to others what can happen? blackmail
case study...
a young girl in florida sexted her boyfriend.
In a rage after breaking up her ex sent the
pic to her friends family and teachers (Prieto) the ex-boyfriend was prosecuted as a sex offender, for distributing child pornography. He is now a registered sex offender (Prieto). picture of a text message asking for a sext more than 25% of young people have sexted (Quaid). can we stop it??? not really... all we can do is inform
and hope you listened just think.... what if you hit reply to all. think before you sext. a naked picture on the internet is like herpes it never goes away. article in Reader's Digest about parents paying attention to their children. maybe you should find out half of them know the risks but don't care.
the other half doesn't see the danger (Quaid). Works Cited
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Huffington Post. 3 Dec 2009. Web, 18 Apr 2010.
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why care??? even if they dont get caught and get in trouble now it could come back to haunt someone later
its not you so why care??
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