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Intellectual Disability in Forrest Gump

No description

Chloe Williams

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Intellectual Disability in Forrest Gump

Intellectual Disability in Forrest Gump
Symptoms of Intellectual Disability:
First Criterion - Mental Ability
Causes of Intellectual Disability
Treatments for Intellectual Disability
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Plot of Forrest Gump (2/2)
Forrest is discharged from the Army after a wound to the "buttocks." He is given a Medal of Honor.
In the Army hospital in Vietnam, Forrest learns how to play Ping Pong and later becomes a Ping Pong star
After living on his own for a while, Forrest starts a shrimping business w/ Lt. Dan before mourning the death of his mother
Following his mother's death, Forrest reunites with Jenny and professes his love for her. She later leaves.
Forrest runs across the nation for three years.
(Present)...Forrest meets Jenny again and finds out they have a son. They get married, and she passes away. Forrest then raises Forrest Jr. as a single dad.
Intellectual Disability in Forrest Gump
Accuracies of Intellectual Disability in Forrest Gump
Plot of Forrest Gump (1/2)
Forrest Gump, a southerner who suffers from Intellectual Disability, reflects on the events of his life to strangers on a bus bench before he reunites with his childhood friend, Jenny.
Forrest's disability is noticed early on in his childhood by his peers and his teachers, but Forrest's mother encourages him by telling him that he's no different from anyone else.
Over the course of his life, Forrest learns to run quickly, which allows him to earn a football scholarship at the University of Alabama.
He is later recruited to fight in Vietnam, where he meets Bubba and Lt. Dan.
First Criterion: Mental Ability
Determined by IQ score
Problems caused by Limited Mental Ability:
Difficulty to learn
Difficulty making wise decisions
Not easy to solve problems
Prone to victimization

Symptoms of Intellectual Disability: Second Criterion - Deficient Adaptive Functioning
Second Criterion: Deficient Adaptive Functioning
Adaptive Functioning: skills needed to live independently, safely, and responsibly.
Essential Skills
Conceptual (Ex. Language, Time)
Practical (Ex. Self-care, Employment, Health, Safety)
*Table Take Directly from "Psychology: An Introduction", page 319
The three most common causes of Intellectual Disability are Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and Fragile X syndrome.
Other causes include genetic conditions, problems during pregnancy, problems at birth, problems after birth, poverty and cultural deprivation.
The cause of 1/3 of intellectual disability cases still remain unknown.
Federal legislation mandates that children with intellectual disabilities receive individualized education and skills training within their school systems (from ages 3 to 21).
Many states have established early intervention programs for young children.
Day schools have offered to teach children basic skills such as bathing and feeding.
Family therapy helps to create a supportive and nurturing environment.
Shows first signs of Intellectual Disability (Forrest struggling in school).
Shows excessive impulsive-ness, and failure to avoid dangerous situations.
Demonstrates trouble understand-ing social rules and customs.
Shows trouble understanding social rules & customs
Persistence in childlike behavior (speech)
Has trouble understanding social cues & situations
Is victimized
Is curious about the world.
Relatively high IQ
Doesn't have difficulty learning information
Can live independently (raises his son)
Doesn't have memory difficulties
Able to graduate college (good academic skills)
Maintains good health & hygiene
Inaccuracies of Intellectual Disability in Forrest Gump
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