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Catching Fire Scrapbook

By Sammi Torres

Kara Blas

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Catching Fire Scrapbook

Catching Fire Scrapbook
Peeta Mellark
Peeta is from district 12. When his name was pulled from the reaping, he thought of it as a piece of luck. So he could get to know Katniss more. During the games, when they were in the cave, peeta expressed his feelings to Katniss. After, he began to love her. In catching fire, Katniss assume a relationship by themselves but soon agrees to be just friends. Peeta is described as having "ashy blonde hair that falls over his forehead," blue eyes, pale skin, and a stocky build, medium height. Peeta's family consists of five people, who are his father, mother & 3 brothers. Peeta's main talents are baking, painting, camouflage & brute strength... Peeta is bold, caring, selfless, loving, gentle & brave.
Effie Trinket
Katniss is the main character in the story & the book. She's from district 12. She has straight long brown hair, which is normally pulled back into a long braid, olive skin & gray eyes. She's small in stature and thin for her age. Katniss' family is Primrose, & her mother. Her father has died in a mine explosion. Katniss has many skills, such as archery & hunting. She also added fishing & trapping to her skills, which she learned from gale. Katniss is also a skilled tree climber, which helped her a lot during the games... Katniss is very strong, independent, stubborn & determined.

Haymitch Abernathy
Katniss Everdeen
The sites I used were, writeoutloud.edublogs.org
Catching Fire Book
Catching Fire Movie
Hunger Games Movie
& google.com

Effie Trinket, she's the escort for district 12's tributes, such as Katniss & peeta. She has a colorful fashion sense. She wears wigs & colorful outfits. Effie doesn't have a family, none that we know of. She has no skill, unless styling clothes is a skill. She's very strict about manners, and is also a perfectionist. She's very bright & bubbly.
Name Analysis:
Katniss was named by her father, after the Katniss plant. The Katniss plant is also known as “arrowhead,” so her may be interpreted as a reference to her skills in archery.

President Snow: While you and Peeta are on tour, you need to smile, you need to be grateful, but above all, you need to madly end it all in love. You think you can manage that?
Katniss Everdeen: Yes.
President Snow: "Yes" what?
Katniss Everdeen: I'll convince them.
President Snow: No. Convince me.

Name Analysis:
Peeta’s name came from the pita bread. Peeta is the son of a baker.
Name analysis:
Effie means "fair speech" Euphemia (her formal name) was a young Christian girl martyred because of her faith.
Effie speaks in a smooth flowing tone.
Johanna mason is from district 7. In the beginning of catching fire during the games, Johanna & Katniss did not like each other. They disliked each other for awhile during the games. Then came into an alliance. Johanna has wide-set brown eyes & short, brown spiky hair. Johanna dresses with attitude, & stands tall while speaking. She's not afraid to speak her mind. Johanna has no family. She states that she has no family. Her skill is throwing axes.. Johanna is bold, & brave.

Dialogue: Johanna isn't afraid to speak her mind. She will tell president snow off about the games & wouldn't care.

Samantha Torres
6th period

Name analysis:
Haymitch Abernathy: Ralph Abernathy was a famous civil rights leader.
Haymitch is always drunk. His voice is low pitches at times & raspy. He also is grumpy.

Haymitch Abernathy is Katniss & Peeta's mentor for the games. Haymitch has dark hair & gray eyes that are bright & dangerous. He is described as formerly being young, strong, & "something at a looker." Haymitch no longer has a family, president snow had killed his mother, younger brother & girlfriend. Because of the stunt he pulled I'm the 2nd Quarter quelle with the force field. Haymitch is handy with a knife, as proved when he killed the two career tributes.. Haymitch is surly, and harsh.
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