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CAP Launch - Master

The Chatham Avatar Pods are being Launched in Slip 3 at the Historic Dockyards...

Sue Nyirenda

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of CAP Launch - Master

Tables - guests sit around tables Food - served throughout the event Screens Flowers on tables - pods of course! Celebrities Name Badges
Avatars created by scanning invitation
Taking a photo
The guest then goes through a series of PODs to choose their....
Hair, clothes, skin, accessories etc
A name badge is created from this and also a tag for a balloon that the guest writes a small message on Time Line - on the day Balloons When it is a dark moon-less night...
Lit balloons - in brand colours
Tags with guests' avatars
Competition - x10 fly the furtherst gets free POD experience
Released from Paper mache Champagne bottle being hit - as a PINATA
Balloons fly out of the launch doors that glide open
Origins of the idea Student at school on Mufti Day
Peer pressure
Still feeling vulnerable at 51
Don't have the confidence to stand out e.g. Wearing hats
Increase confidence - how?
Gok Wan, Trinnie and ..., Marry, snog dump
A chance for everyone to try on whole swathes of clothes and accessories, new hairstyles and make-up etc
Guests - invited celebrities
& 'important' people
- politicians, social services, people who put policy into practice When? Season - spring so warmish but still dark at night - late April
Start early evening 6.30pm 5.30
onwards Arrivals & Welcomes with drinks
5.45 Guests create their own Avatar Name Badges
6.45 All sat down at tables - starters served. The rest of the meal is served throught the entertainment
7.15 Presentation begins - Jonathan Ross arrives with his pod-like screen as it glides up into the room
The CAP video he has previously made is shown - and he introduces the concept through this video
7.35 The first teenager appears with the second screen. Her CAP video is shown and then Jonathan interviews her briefly
7.50 Black Eyed Peas - 'I got a Feeling' and then their video
8.10 Jamie Oliver glides into view and his video is shown - and he is interviewed with more about the CAP concept
9.00 The second teenager arrives and then the final guest Sarah Brown
9.20 The champane bottle is 'smashed' and the launch doors at the bottom open and the balloons are released
9.30 More live music and dancing
10.00 Home

Arrivals Guests go upstairs
on the far side of the mezzanine floor - through the green and blue pods Who? Drinks - served on arrival Layout of Main Space Four screens so everyone can see what is happening
Each glides up and down
Shaped like peas in a pod
Coloured in the x4 brand colours
Screens on platforms that also carry the special guests when they arrive on stage Where?
Covered Slip 3 Where the screens will rise from Inside Slip 3 The Launch doors Covered Slip 3 Developing confidence Basic technology already widely available New powerful
CAP Chatham Historic Dockyard Chatham Avatar Pods by trying out different styles etc Arrivals Guests create avatar badges Food Show - gliding screens and Jonathan Ross CAP videos Jamie Oliver Sarah Brown/Sam Cameron Black Eyed Peas Archetectoral Projection Mapping Archetectural Projection show Pinata Wrapping up Off home The Medway - seen through the back of Slip 3: Ship Launch The lit balloons will have a similar effect.... Giant paper mache champagne bottle 'I got a feeling' Entry from the rafters Sarah Brown Jamie Oliver Jonathan Ross
Master of Ceremonies! The AVATAR POD Experience Small groups - x12 teenagers or adults
Day workshops
Start as a group then work on own in AVATAR PODS - with support from professional, sensitive staff
Filmed wearing plain fitted clothes with 'dots'
As in Avatar the movie - clothes get 'hung' on the basic body by CGI
The final video is chosen and shown to the group
Group support work at the end
They take home their videos - on USB sticks - POD like Guests walk through Slip 3 towards the Medway (visible) Paparazzi on the ground floor Guests experience a watered down version of
the Avatar POD Experience Guests create AvatarBadges Pinata The fabulous windows in Slip 3 Please play... Thanks The Launch The AIMS of the Launch The Avatar POD experience helps create confidence
and increase self esteem - aimed particularly at
vulnerable young people

The launch aims to introduce the nation (the event will be televised)
and a whole range of influential people
to the power of the Avatar POD experience
There will be a short ANIMATION to briefly capture the impact of the experience Looking towards the Medway One of the giant screens
- designed to look like a seed in a pod - the four in the brand colours Continuing the pod theme throughout the launch... Learning in 'PODs' - Mr Spock Star Trek 2009 The young Spock learning chemistry The technology may require wearing 3D specs Is that Dawn French without the specs? Or The Arrangement??? Motivational Quotes - in the dynamic beams of light:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"
Dr Seuss

"Why try to be someone you're not? Life is hard enough without adding impersonation to the skills required."
Robert Brault

"You were born an original, don't die a copy."
John Mason Music:
1. True Colours – Cyndi Lauper 1986 or Tina from Glee?
2.Black eyed peas – I got a feeling
3.Ziggy Marley – Got to be true to myself
4.Audioslave – Be yourself
5.Bon Jovi – Thank you for loving me
6.Leona Lewis - I see you (from the film Avatar)
7.Shirley Bassey – I am what I am

Jonathan closes the event Floor - to be lit by mood lighting
(slowly changing colour)
in of course the four brand colours The four brand colours:
Purple - 265
Aqua - 325
Green - 361
Blue - 2718 Event design by
Sue Nyirenda Spring 2010
Full transcript