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Presentation: Restaurant Point Of Sale System

No description

asad sharif

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Presentation: Restaurant Point Of Sale System

Presentation: Restaurant Point of Sale System
Design & Features of “IWAIT”
Provide easy and convenient interface with background updates to the cloud server.
Allow restaurants owners and managers to log in and update their own menu items
Show multiple menus with icons depending on needs of restaurant
Show customer orders details and provide payment methods.
Shows availability of tables added on the system
Synchronized POS screens and data
“I-WAIT” POS App is cloud based and all reporting and data will be assessable in real time

Used Case Diagram
Architecture and Initial Design
"IWAIT" Restaurant Point of Sale System
Presented By:
Asad Sharif
Sean Connolly
Date : 22/10/13
"I-Wait POS” is a cloud based point of sale system

Specifically designed for small to medium sized restaurants

A convenient App based system which will run on I-pads and I-phones carried by restaurant owners and staff.

Contributes to the manager success in being able to eliminate menial tasks

Promotes employee efficiency
Let Us Upgrade You!!!
IWAIT” POS will make tasks easier and more efficient.

It provides table side ordering
Send orders to the kitchen
Alert from kitchen when food is ready
Provides different payment methods
Facility of splitting bills between the customers

Design & Features of Website
Cloud Control website consists of several easy to navigate pages.
Home page
About Us
Contact Us
Member Log in
Website Architecture
Software & Hardware Requirements
Software: I-wait Pos Will be app based. No software installation will be required.

Hardware: I-pad, I-phone, Electronic cash drawer, Printers, card readers.

Let Us Upgrade You!!!!!
In traditional POS system s restaurant waiting staff have to:
Take notes of orders given by customers
Return to POS and wait for the availability of POS to enter details of order
Print the docket
Bring a copy of docket to the kitchen so that chef can begin preparing food.

Target audience of i-wait pos system is small to medium sized restaurants in Ireland. This App serves owners of the restaurants who want to improve their business process for cost effectiveness and want to take competitive advantages by providing quick and efficient customer service.
Target Audience
Any Questions ?
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