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A Lois Lowry Collection

No description

Sara School

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of A Lois Lowry Collection

A Lois Lowry Collection By Sara Striepling The Giver Gathering Blue Setting and Characters Rising Action Climax Falling Action Rising Action Climax Setting and Characters Early Career Later Career The Author About The Author Louis Lowry wrote a series of followup
books tiltled, "The Giver" "Gathering Blue"
"Messenger" and "Son". Overall she has written
over 30 books. The Giver takes pace in an Utopian Community
All the houses are the same and everything is provided

The main characters are Jonas, Giver, and Gabe The Rising action is when Gabe is about to be released and the giver and Jonas hatch up a plan to get Jonas out of the community. The climax is when Jonas runs away from the community
and takes Gabe with him on his fathers bike and they had to try and not be seen by the search planes coming after them. They expirience weather conditions they have never seen before because they live in a Utopia with climate control, they are almost dead. The falling action is when Jonas hears noises and sees light at the top of a snowy hill. Jonas sees a sled which was in a memory the giver gave to Jonas. Jonas rides the sled down the hill and that is the end of the book. The setting is a dystopian community unlike "The Giver"
which is a Utopian community. The main characters are
Mat and Kira.

Kira is a girl who lost her father to the "beasts" and has recently lost her mother to illness, she has a twisted leg but has an amazing skill with embrodiry. Mat is her rambuncious friend who helps her through everything. The rising action is when Kira is on trial with Vendara a mean girl who wants Kira dead so she can have her land to build a pen fro for kids. Kira wins the trial and has to repair the singers robe, which is a robe the singer wears at the annual ceremony. She learns to dye threads with plants, although there is no plant that makes blue. Messenger Lois Lowry was born on March 20, 1937. She was in the middle of three children, her older sister Helen and her younger brother Jon. She was inspired to write her first book after her older sister Helen died at age 28. Her first book was titled "A Summer To Die" Jonas is the main character of the story. He is the reciever and runs away from the community. His eyes are pale blue and he can see color unlike anyone else. The Giver puts his hand on Jonas' back and gives him memories. Gabe is a young one who doent behave well in the nursury, so Jonas' family takes care of him, but he is still restless and is to be released. Jonas takes him with him when he leaves the community. Release Release is when they would insert a fluid into your veins and you die and they put the body in a carton and send the carton down a trash chute. Release occurs with old people, the lighter of two twins, and people who have made serious mistakes. Falling Action The Climax is when it is time for the ceremony that Kira has been making the robe for. After the ceremony Mat is missing. The falling action is when Mat comes back with blue for Kira and her father and they tell her she must come back with them some day. Son Setting and Characters The setting is in the giver community, messenger
community, and a seaside community similar to the gathering blue comunity. Claire is a girl who is a failed birthmother then gets moved to the fish hatchery. While on the fishing boat a storm hit sand she is washed up on an island with no memory, she is searching for her son. Gabe from The Giver is Claires only product and Gabe lives in the Messenger community . Kira and Jonas are married and are losing their gifts. Alys takes care of Claire while she is in the sea side community. Setting and Characters The setting is in a village open to anyone and is locted outside of a forest. The main characters are Matty,,Seer, and Jonas. Matty is Matt from Gathering Blue and is now more refined and calm, he also has special healing powers. Seer ishe person who watches over Matty and is Kiras father.He is blind but can hear amazingly well. Jonas is the same person from The Giver and is the leader of the messenger community. Rising Action The rising action is when Matty is on a journey to the Gathering Blue community gets Kira and travels back through the forest with many problems. Climax The climax is when Matty and Kira are in the forest injured and they don't think they can keep going and Matty realizes he has to heal all that has gone wrong in the community to calm the forest, he dies because it takes too much energy out of him. Falling Action The falling action is when Jonas finds Kira and dead Matty in the woods and they take Matty back to the village for a proper ceremony. Book 1 The rising action is when Claire has her baby (Gabe) and is moved to the fish hatchery because she had to have a c-section The climax is when Claire is on the fishing boat and there is a severe storm The falling action is when Claire gets swept into the water and the first part of the book ends. Book 2 The rising action is when Claire is training to climb out in search of her son Gabe. The climax is when Claire is climbing a dangerous mountain. The falling action is when trademaster trades away Claires youth and she turns very old. Book 3 The rising action is when Claire arrives at the messenger community, but never talks to Gabe but she tells Jonas her story. Trademaster Trademaster is an evil soul who trades away peoples inner selves for valuable items. The people are being very mean due to trading so the forest starts to create obstacles. The climax is when Claire is sick and dying and Gabe learns that Claire is his mother so he goes to fight trademaster to save her. The falling action is when Gabe defeats trademaster with words and Claire is young again.
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