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Integrating Chicken Muscle and Bone

By Jennifer Yin

Jennifer Y

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Integrating Chicken Muscle and Bone

By Jennifer Yin Integrating Chicken Muscles and Bones Bones of a Chicken Wing Cartilage -Bones
-Cartilage Structures That Make The Wing Move Bones Cartilage prevents bones to grind against each
other. It is prevents the bone and surrounds
the end of the bones. It acts as shock absorbers and it allows the bones to not slide against each other. Radius and Ulna- Both bones are connected to the elbow and carpal joint of the wing. (Lower arm)
Humerus- Located and connected to the shoulder of the chicken wing and the elbow joint.
Metacarpals- the stick-like part of the wing.
Phalanges- the meaty part of the wing. The bones move by the chicken's muscles. The bones have joints that allow the wing to move back and forth, up and down. The chicken's bones are very important, or else it wouldn't be allowed to do anything, just like any other human or animal. Tendons Tendons are thick white tissue that connects
muscles to bones. When they are all connected together, the chicken wing can move freely. Unlike ligaments,
tendons connect muscles
to bones, not bones to bones. Muscles With no muscles in the wing, the bones would not be able to move at all. The muscles of a chicken wing protect the wing and they weigh more than fat. The muscles are an elastic-like material, sort of like a rubber band. Joints A joint is the part of the chicken wing that connects two or more bones together. Without the bones connected, the chicken wing would just be limp bones. The joints are an essential part of the wing, because without it, there would be no wing at all. Technically. Ligaments Ligaments connect bone to bone in the
chicken wing. It is a fibrous tissue that
allows one bone to be joined to another.
They are common to tendons but instead of connecting muscles to bones, they connect bone to bone. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed.
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