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It's an i, i, i, world

Uses of iPod and iPad in the classroom

Steve Daughtrey

on 21 July 2010

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Transcript of It's an i, i, i, world

Stop telling your students to unplug and listen! Its an i, i, i, world! Let's plug in! What is the difference between an iPod and iPad? iPods come in two formats click wheel and touch screen iPads are essentially a really big iPod touch. iPods are more than music. Much, much more! Wireless conectivity and unproduced apps are key elements to the iPad and iPod that leaves the future unwritten iPods were introduces in 2001 How many are there? 260 million iPods,
35 million are iTouch

51 million iPhones
"iLounge- iPad buyers guide May, 2010" Included from the factory:
Voice memo
Photo viewer
Stopwatch Add ons:
Microphone Want to add new technology to your classroom? Nano -Two sizes to choose from:
8g $149.00
16g $179.00 Touch cost:
8g - $199
32g - $299
64g - $399 iPad cost: (wifi only)
16g - $499
32g - $599
64g - $699 Thanks for listening.
We hope this presentation sparked the idea of using technology in your class that your students are using every day. Disconnect from home to the classroom.
78% student and 62% of faculty have ipods
but use them less than 30% in schools.
cdw-g 2010 21st century classroom report. (May, 2010) http://feeds.feedburner.com/Ted8570Intro Who currently has an iPod or iPad? What do you use it for? iPads were released in April of this year with 3 million sold in the first 80 days So what is an iPad? Now you have seen an ipod and iPad, what can you use them for? Downloads
Such as:
and yes -- Music Can y0u use songs to make information fun? Yes you can! So what else could you do?
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