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Sofia Rodriguez

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Colombia


Sofia Rodriguez
Geography and Flag
The colors of the flag represent

The gold found on Colombian land
The seas on Colombian shores

And the blood spilled for Colombia's independence
The geography is made up many things: Snow covered volcanoes, the mountains of the Andes, deserts, beaches, and vast grasslands.
Language and Religion
The country's main language is spanish, while the exception of some native tribes' dialects in Guajira, Wayuu.
The main religion among
Colombians is Roman Catholic.
About 90% Colombians practice
this religion.
Government and Currency
Colombia is a republic separated into the executive, judicial, and legislative branches.

Juan Manuel Santos is the thirty-second president of Colombia.
The picture on the left is a
picture of a famous Catholic
church, Monserrate, located in
Pesos is the currency of Colombia. One Colombian peso is 0.00033 of a U.S. dollar. The worth of a peso to U.S. dollars has been slowly declining.
Landmarks and History
One of many landmarks Colombia has to offer is the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

In 1500 spanish explorers arrived in Colombia, but didn't established a settlement until 1525. Colombia was under spanish rule for almost 250 years.

By the late 1700's the people of Colombia were tired of being ruled by the Spanish. Colombian forces defeated the Spanish in 1819.

After their independence they became a part of a country called New Grenada. By 1835 Colombia became an independent nation.
The education system is set up in this order:
(From elementary to college)
3.Secondary (Mid Secondary)
4.Secondary (Vocational School)
5.Tertiary (Undergraduate)
6.Tertiary (Graduate)
Education and Clothing
Food and Music
This is bandeja paisa (picture above)
Famous People
Fernando Botero is a famous artist from Medellín, Colombia.
This is one of his famous paintings- Mona Lisa, Age 12- based off of Da Vinci's original.
Gabriel García Márquez was a famous Colombian novelist. One of his most notable works was, "One Hundred Years of Solitude".
The End
His most famous and notable works, One Hundred Years of Solitude.
One of Colombia's many clothing aesthetics is a ruana.
Ruanas are usually made of wool.
One type of accessory is the Sombrero Vueltiao.
Most popular and traditional Colombian music is cumbia, vallenato, and currulao. The Festival De La Leyenda Vallenata is a popular music festival where they play vallenato.
And this is ajiaco.
Cuidad Perdida
or Teyuna is an
old city built in
700 A.D.
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