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Son of the Mob Prezi :)

Prezi on Son of the Mob.

Rebecca Ruan

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Son of the Mob Prezi :)

Theme Loyalty is mixed, and sometimes hard to mantain. What will you decide to stay loyal to? Vince had to make many choices on what to stay loyal to in the the book, because his loyalties conflicted with one another. 1. Vince wanted to stay loyal to his beliefs and stay out of his family's business. ...But his loyalty towards his heart and his sense of the right thing to do got him to help Jimmy Rat and Ed, which mixed him in with the mob. 2. Vince wanted to stay loyal to Alex, who has always been there for him O r ? Alex Kendra 3. Vince wanted to stay loyal to Kendra, and maintain a good, truthful relationship 1. "You don't get it," I insist. "I don't want to be involved, period. I don't want 'vending machines' touching my life in any way."
-Page 22 ...But he couldnt, because of his father's job In the book,
Ray also had
mixed loyalties Ray had to stay loyal to the FBI, even after being mixed in with the mob for so long ...But he couldn't be too loyal, that it'd blow his cover (Ray probably had to do some illegal things while he was in the mob) 3. 'I take down her phone number but freeze when she asks for mine. Our lines are all bugged--by her own father, no less. How great would that be: Agent Bite-Me, hearing his sweet little daughter on the Luca tapes.
"We're getting a new number," I lie.
-Page 84 A song that reminds me of Vince and Kendra's relationship... Sorry, it's a Justin Bieber song. : ) ...But this conflicted with his loyalty towards Kendra and their relationship 2. 'Believe it or not, this is more or less my fault. In the old days, Alex would've told me about the e-mail from Fiona, and I would have had the chance to prepare him for the possibility that this was just a friendly message from a classmate. But I was with Kendra last night, incommunicado, and very happily so.'
-Page 100 Key word #1: Choices/Decisons Key word #2: Conflict Key word #3: Sacrifice Key word #4: Betrayal 4. 'That memory, as close to a warm fuzzy as you can get around the vending-machine business, sparks an odd mix of emotions. Betrayal, sure. For years, someone I considered my friend was living a lie. But there's a feeling of vincidication too. How many times did I wonder how a great guy like Ray could be in The Life? Now I've got my answer. He never was.'
-Page 233 -(Vince's feelings after finding out Ray was the inside man in his father's business.) -(Vince talking to his father about how he wants to stay out of the business) -(Vince describing his feelings about not being there for Alex because of Kendra) -(Vince's first lie to Kendra, about his phone number.) Other literature that included couples who had to choose between loyalties: Romeo & Juliet 1. O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? / Deny thy father and refuse thy name (II, ii, 33-34.)

2. What's in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet. (II, ii, 43-44). -(Juliet talks about how what Romeo's name is doesn't matter to her, ((Or, who he is)) because she loves him for him.) -(Juliet talks about how she is willing to go against her family for Romeo, because she loves him.) Twilight Bella: Edward: Is a human, and had to choose between her loyalty towards her dad, by staying out of danger, or being with Edward, a vampire, but who was someone that she loved. Is a vampire, and had to choose between his loyalty towards his sense of what was right (staying away from Bella because he'd put her in danger) and what he wanted (to be with Bella)
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