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Chapter 2: Important Points

No description

Grace Rosema

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 2: Important Points

Creators see all options, choose wisely among them, take effective actions to achieve the life they want
Victims think there are no options or only one, people don't see or act on choices that can help them achieve the life they want
Creator Mindset Vs. Victim Mindset
Inner Critic: Judges us as inadequate
Inner Defender: Judges and blames others
Inner Guide: The wise inner voice that helps you make the best of any situation
Inner Voices
1. What's my present situation like
2. How would I like my situation to be?
3. What are my possible choices?

Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Wise Decisions
Disputing Irrational Beliefs: Defeating your Inner Critic and Defender
4. What's the likely outcome of each choice?
5. Which choice will I commit to?
6. When and how will I evaluate my plan?
Chapter 2: Accepting Responsibility
Repeating Behavior
Seeking Solutions
Taking Actions
Trying Something New
Offer Evidence that your judgements are incorrect.
Offer a positive explanation of the problem.
Question the importance of the problem.
If you find that your judgements are true, instead of continuing to criticize yourself or someone else, offer a plan to improve the situation.
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