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Carbon Offset

No description

yawar syed

on 19 December 2011

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Transcript of Carbon Offset

BANKS Mortgages
Car Loans
Personal Credit Individulas Corporates Project Finance
Term Loans
Working Capital Work as Intermediary between
Carbon Positive and Carbon Negative
Organizations and Individuals Climate Exchanges European Climate Exchange Chicago Climate Exchange Financing Carbon Negative Projects S
Analysis Strength
Existing Client Base
Branch Network
Financial Resources
First Movers Advantage
Banking Experience

Limited Access to Markets
Non Core Competency

Growth Potential
Product Differetiation
Foreign Customer Base
Competitive Advantage

Price Volatility
Politically Driven Decisions
Distribution Channels
Direct Distribution
Indirect Distribution
Multi-channel Distribution

Impact of Technology
Individual Online Accounts
Web Portal Place plan Emissions Trading

A market based system which
Incentivizes reduction of carbon
Carbon Emissions trade just like stocks
and commodity on Exchanges
European Climate Excahnge
Chicago Climage Exchange Emerging Trends

64% Canadian consider
Environment should have the
same priority as the economy.
Increased Government
Emissions trading between 2007-05
grew by 450%.
Voluntary carbon market is projected
to grow to $4 billion by 2010.
CAD 139 billion transacted globally
in 2008.
.....but why Banks? Target Market Individuals Carbon Credit Carbon Credit $$ Dollar $$ Dollar Demographics Age: 30-40, 40-55 & 55-65.
Occupation: Professionals, retired.
Income & Social Class: Middle & High.
Generation: Baby Boomers, Gen-X.
Social Class: Working Class, Middle & Upper. Psychographics Life style & Attitudes: Environmentally, Socially and Culturallt responsible. Behavioural Loyalty Status: Strong Brand Loyalty.
Readiness Stage: Informed, Interested, Concerned.
Attitude towards Services: Quality & Excellence. Organizations Demographics Relative Size: Small (25%), Medium (28%) and Large (47%). Industry: Goods (25%), Services (75%). Charachteristic: 73% social and environmentally oriented businesses. Carbon Offsetting:
The green revolution Syed Yawar Hakim
Tatenda Katsidzira
Anupama Taneja
Zishen Wang
Gabriela Galeana
Can Cui Pricing Environment:

Planet Air - CAD 38.90
Less.ca - CAD 47.25
Carbon Zero - CAD 22.00
Livclean - CAD 20.01

CCX - USD 0.10
ECX - EUR 15.42 Estimated Cost: $09-12
Suggested Price: $20-25 Average Cloth Dryer: 0.2 tonnes ($5)
Vancouver to Toronto: 0.4 tonnes ($10)
Mid-size - 1 year: 4.2 tonnes ($105) Branding "Reduce your carbon foot print, think green, offset with carbon credit." Communication Model - AIDA
Attention, Interest, Desire and Action

Communication Message
Reduce your carbon foot print, think green, offset with carbon credit Promotional Activities Advertisement
Costs 10500
21000 (5% of Sales) Promotion Strategy & Budget Stationery.
Business Crads.
Forms (Invoices, Fax, Cover).
Email Format.
Marketing Kit.
Website. Q&A Conclusion Risk Management
Investor Solutions
Assets Building
Debt/Equity Provision Carbon Offsetting Projects
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