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The Water Cycle

Mini science project. October 2012.

Cindy V.

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of The Water Cycle

How has technology helped us in water conservation? Technology has helped in water conservation because people have created technology to help us less water. Some of these things are dual-flush toilets. These toilets use 67% less water than a regular toilet. Why is water so valuable to us? What is the water cycle? The water cycle is when the water on Earth is re-used in a cycle which is called, well, the water cycle. The water cycle needs to be done so there is water on Earth. Since Earth has limited water, the water cycle does it thing to re-use the water over and over again so we continue to have water on Earth. How does the water cycle affect the weather? The water cycle affects the weather since weather is technically run by the water cycle. Tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, thunderstorms are some examples that can happen from the water cycle. Tornadoes occur when wet, hot air meets dry, cool air. Hurricanes form from differences in the air and water temperatures. When there is a lot of moisture in the air, this causes cloudy days. The water cycle can causes snowy days when the clouds snow. This can also go to blizzards and thunderstorms By: Simran, Murtaza, and Cindy The Water Cycle Water is so valuable to us humans because we use it every single day of our lives. We use water in many different ways such as brushing our teeth and maybe taking a shower when we wake up. We do this so we are clean and hygienic. Here are the following things to be answered: 1) Why is water to valuable to us? 2)How had technology helped in water conservation? 3)What is the water cycle? 4)Describe/illustrate each part of the water cycle. 5) How does the water cycle affect the weather? At home, they are chores that use water such as washing the dishes so we ingest clean food. And we have a question for all of you; how many of you like to wear dirty, smelly clothes? Well, it's obvious no one does so, that's why there is an amazing creation called a washing machine. A washing machine use water to wash dirty clothes to give us clean clothes to keep us hygienic. Another product that saves water is a low-flow faucet aerators. This product lets you wash your hands normally but with low-flow water hence the name of the product. This product is said to reduce home water usage by 50% Full flush is used to flush down the solid waste. Half flush is used to flush down the liquid waste These are a dual-flush toilet's buttons. Drinking water is also very important to us because our bodies are made up about 70% water. If we don't drink water, we will be dehydrated and won't survive. Not only do humans need to drink water to survive, animals do too. Here's a picture of 3 zebras drinking water. This is a hydroelectricity dam. A hydroelectricity produces electricity by using water. This is another why water is so important to use. Here are some things hydroelectricity runs in your home: the T.V, your fridge to keep your food fresh and your stove to cook your food. Describe/illustrate each part of the water system. First, the cloud gets heavy and rain, hail or snow, which is also called precipitation. Then, when the water flows to a larger water source, the sun evaporates the water. When the air gets cold, the water vapor creates clouds which is called condensation. When the clouds get heavy from more condensation, the clouds release the water contained in them. (precipitation) The cycle is repeated. Precipitation: Any form of water that falls to the Earth's surface Evaporation: A process when water turns into vapor. (steam, mist etc.) Condensation: A process when vapor turns into a liquid state. (mainly water) The end.
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