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Amari and Janeli

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Amari and Janeli

Brief Colonial History
Type of People living in New York
Many of the settlers weren't Dutch, though they were the original founders. But the people found here were Patroons, some, although not as many as expected, the Dutch, English settlers, Native Americans known as the Iroquois, and Africans brought over for slavery.
Why Would Someone want to live in Colonial New York?
In this time, the idea of new land, and new goods, and a new start were on everyone's mind. New York was a colony that wasn't picky about religion, and they were a wealthy colony. It was known for it's wealth, and success. This gives a sense of hope and prosperity to those looking to settle in the colonies. This was something many people were looking for when coming to the colonies, and this middle colony had it.
The Founding of The New York Colony
The Dutch founded the colony, specifically Peter Minuit, originally calling it New Amsterdam. Later, they were invaded by the English, but the colony kept their settlement, because most people settled there weren't Dutch, but it were renamed New York, after James Duke of York who gained control over the colony.
Colonial New York
by Amari and Janeli
Economy of Colonial New York
The people of this colony lived off of the forest, and the water. They were a very wealthy colony, known for trading and the success that came from it. The traded lumber, corn, fur from the Iroquois, and fish. Due to the large lumber trading, they eventually ended up cutting down most of the trees. Businesses included tailoring, farming, black smiths, printing. They also had large amounts of Virginia tobacco.
Type of Religion in Colonial New York
The main religion found was Protestism.But there also were Catholics, Jews, Lutherans, and Quakers that settled in New York.
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