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Types of Texts and their Purpose

No description

John Togher

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Types of Texts and their Purpose

Summarising texts
Analyse language in texts to summarise
Identify key points and ideas in texts
Produce synonyms for words

Only Connect
Look at the words
Group them into 4 groups of 4
Explain what the connection is
Match the synonyms
If you are asked to summarise a text, you will need to identify what the text is about and write this in as few words as possible.

Summing up a piece of text in a few words can actually be quite difficult, but it is a useful skill.
Read the article

Look at topic sentences and concluding sentences.

List main point of each paragraph in as little words as possible.

Identify key words to change (synonym)

How do you summarise a text?
Skim and scan the article
Pick out key words and main points
Look at topic sentences
Ignore unnecessary details
It should be written in your own words
Don't give your opinion.
Reduce: the summary should be shorter.
Reject: miss out unneeded details
Reword: use synonyms for some words
Reproduce: it should be accurate about main points.
Repackage: write in your own words
The HIV/AIDS epidemic threatens people in every part of the world. For example, it destroys the
health, and lives of millions of people. It also shatters families and communities and leaves millions of children orphaned. It undermines whole countries by robbing them of the young, able-bodied people needed to work in industry and agriculture. It ravages entire continents. While sub-Saharan Africa (the area of Africa south of the Sahara desert) has about ten per cent of the world’s
population, it has almost two-thirds of all people living with HIV (UNAIDS, 2004).
When summarising you will have to use synonyms

Summarise learning
Write a few sentences to summarise the learning we have done on the reading module so far
Today's reflection
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