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solo traveler

No description

Ling Tao

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of solo traveler

Solo Traveler
Why Not These Blogs?
Why The "Solo Traveler"?
Let's Explore!
Blog#2: Travel Yourself
Things will be covered:
1. the blog's purpose
2. the blogger's voice
3. the audience's voice
4. blogging strategies
Cynthia Hui
Ling Tao
Nan Xiao
Fei Gao

What does the blogger write about?
A travel multi-experience for solo traveling

Conclusion about each blog of a experiential title

Gives each place a markable recommendation for solo travellers by rating the safety
1. Purpose: Initially......now......
2. voice of the blogger and audience

Blog#1: Journey Women
It is self-reflexive.
The blogger pay attention to readers being cultivated through the blog.
This blog performs promises of a good blog.

blogging strategies
So Why Not?
Has interesting and detailed content
Not organized
To many distractions

Very Organized
So Why Not This One??
Plenty of colourful pictures
There is no context nor content to this blog
There is no insight into the blogger's ideas and perspectives.
There is an underlining personal story
Gives readers an alternative point of view of traveling to engage her readers
Has Personalize content and the website is organized
The writer uses links, pictures, and other readers advices to capture the readers attention

Characterizing the self-presentation of the blogger
Janice Waugh: lovely & facetious

Tracey Nesbitt: very kind & enthusiastic
"Social distance: the spread between groups within society whether it is class, race/ethnicity, power" (solotraveler).

"further away we are from sharing experiences with “other” groups, the less caring we are of them" (solotraveler).

"Traveling over and over again, sometimes to the same place, sometimes to different places, truly increases the understanding of “others” (solotraveler). - Ties into Scott's "experience"

Why does the blogger create a solo travel society on Facebook as a supplement?
Autobiographical writing
Travel journal
Informative writing
what types of genre do you think it is?
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