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Southern Culture

No description

Priscilla Pau

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Southern Culture

Knowing and practicing good manners meant speaking softly and never showing anger
Being reserved and obedient was the essential element of the proper southern lady on the eve of the Civil War.
Having the same manner for all human souls
Behaving as if you were in Heaven, where there are no classes, and one soul is as good as another.
The economic fall had a direct effect on religious groups
Attendance at religious services dropped
Only a third of the population reported attending services once a week
In the 1920's 10% of the budget went to building but during the 1930's the budget dropped 2.5%

South played a central and defining role in American musical history
An inspiration for songwriters, source of styles, and the birthplace of many of the nation's greatest musicians
Ragtime, jazz, blues, country, gospel, rhythm and blues, Cajun, zydeco, and rock'n'roll
Romantic images of South fired imaginations of songwriters since 1830s
Social Class System
Traditional dishes include:
buttermilk biscuits
peach fried pies
old-fashioned pound cake
chicken sausage jambalaya
country ham with red-eye gravy
Americans enjoyed many forms of entertainment especially if it was free
sound and movies became popular during that time
Played records on a phonograph.
dancing and swing music became popular
Families played games like monopoly and scrabble together
Bibliography 1
Living Style
a period of class conflicts
richest people in America lost money when stock market crashed
all classes retained much of the wealth which they had held before the Depression
upper classes, on the other hand, began to hate their social inferiors (as they saw the lower classes)
class conflicts visible/violent like in worker strikes
Upper class Americans feared a class war might be on horizon as number of workers joined Communist party
fears helped contribute a general suspicion on both sides for entire decade of thirties.
Boxing was a huge sport at the time
Radio sales went up because people wanted to hear "the big fight"
Baseball was also big with only 18 major team's they sold more than 83 million tickets
Basketball was a new sport on the pro level and the NFL had its first college draft
during that time they had justed legalized horse racing

1933 banks around the United States collapsed as depositors withdrew savings and hoarded resources.
Farmers in the Midwest destroyed crops in a desperate attempt to cut prices
forced to live with parents, creating tight quarters,caused frustration, and tension
men tried to remain breadwinners for their families
women's world remained around of cooking, house-cleaning, and mending

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Bread servers are one of the traditions and elegance of the Old South
According to a dress code. "You can't go into the lobby after 6 p.m. without a coat and tie, and you can't go into the dining room for dinner without a coat and tie.
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