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Gateway Assimilation Process 2013

This presentation highlights the assimilation process of Gateway Church in Southlake TX.

Stokes Collins

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Gateway Assimilation Process 2013

Strategic Data Collection is crucial.
First Time Guest
Guest Central
First Time Children's Check In
Weekend Communication Card
Second Time Guest
Weekend Communication Card
*A database is recommended
Gateway uses FellowshipOne
Follow Up
*Gateway uses Pathway as a tool
to follow with phone calls.
Make an attempt at calling
the guest on the phone number given.
If no answer, leave voicemail and follow
up with an email. All communication
encourages Catch the Vision attendance.
Caller is trained to "invite" people to get
connected at Gateway.
Follow Up (V!)
First Time Guest
Attend Catch the Vision
During Catch the Vision our goal is that
they would connect with Gateway in one or all of four ways:
(Spiritual Development)
(Spiritual Development)
(Spiritual Healing)
Follow Up
Send email (if applicable) or snail mail thanking guest for coming to Gateway. The contents of this communication will also invite them to Catch the Vision.
Follow Up (Staff)
First Time Guest
During Catch the Vision

The Catch the Vision environment has (3) 45 minute teaching sessions with 15 minutes of community at the end of each session. The community time will be utilized to complete an assessment that will give each participant a next steps prescription.
At Gateway we feel discipleship is the real goal. For that reason we do not work on spiritual formation during our Assimilation process. We work to connect our people to the process of spiritual formation through the mission (4Bs) of Gateway.
A win for Gateway
Guest --> Catch the Vision
CTV--> Groups, V!, Equip, Freedom
Assimilation Metrics:
success is at least one connection
If you
have any questions...

Please email me at:
Thank you for all that you do for the body of Christ!
For a flowchart of the process
please click here:

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