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GMO Foods in Our School?

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Valerie LaBonte

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of GMO Foods in Our School?

Hello everyone! There have been some rumors about the school adding Genetically Modified foods to the lunch menu. While these rumors are true, I am here to warn you about the terrible effects of eating and promoting GMO food.
Our school officials are promoting it so our food stays fresh longer.
I see genetically modified foods as a danger to the students eating them. They put us in serious danger of allergic reactions, intestinal damage, and neurological diseases.
Presentation by: Valerie La Bonte
Date Turned In: 5/4/17
Food Shortages/Contamination
Genetically modified foods cause the issue of food shortages/contamination.
This is usually seen through genetically modified crossbreeding.
On the other hand, genetically modified plants and animals can become resistant to disease.
Lack of Long Term Testing
Another problem is the lack of long-term testing, and the possibility of new toxins.
The pesticides from genetically modified plants are new, and its too early to tell we don’t how our bodies handle them these chemicals.
Pesticides are linked to cancer, and neurological diseases.
Less pesticides and herbicides are used. Genetically engineered foods stay fresh for a lot longer and less food goes to waste.
GMO Foods in Our School?
There is the possibility of new diseases and new food allergies.
Genetically modified foods increases the risks of people developing food allergies.
On the other hand, GMO foods have nutrition benefits because they contain vitamins and minerals added to them.
In Conclusion...
Genetically modified foods are harmful because they are not natural.
While both sides of this debate have great points to their arguments, it harms the environment, and those consuming these genetically modified foods.
It causes cancer and diseases.
GMO foods should not be served in our school.

Amy Schmidt
New Diseases and New Food Allergies.
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