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Effects of Extracurricular Activities on Student's Self-effi

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Jessa Cristine Amaca

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Effects of Extracurricular Activities on Student's Self-effi

Effects of Extracurricular Activities on Student's Self-efficacy, Motivation and Academic Performance
Academic Performance
(a) To determine the Self-efficacy, Self-determination and Academic Performance of the respondents.

(b) To identify the relation of Self-efficacy with Academic Performance.

(c) To compare the Self-efficacy Self-determination and Academic Performance according to Profile Variable (Age, Sex, Course and Extra-curricular activity). In order to get the Profile Variable of each respondents, the researchers made a paper where they will put the information needed.
Review of Literature
“The Impact of Extracurricular Activity on Student Academic Performance”
“Self-efficacy, motivation and their relationship to academic performance of Bangladesh College Students” which was conducted by Mohammed S. Chowdhury and A.M.Shahabuddin
The participants of the study will be the students from Lyceum of the Philippines University- Batangas who are currently joining any extra-curricular activity in the said school. Those students are the Members of Student Council of each department/ colleges, members of the Phoenix, Varsity players such as, the volleyball, basketball and athletics members, the Lahing Batangan Dance Troupe, The Lyceum Vocal Harmonics, The Lyceum Dance Machine, The Lyceum Music Box and the ALBA.
Self-Efficacy scale will be administered.
Motivation Scale will be adminitered.
The researchers will get the General weighted Average of the respondents
These will be administered in every students in LPU-B who are engaged with extra-curricular activities.
 The Morgan and Jinks Self-Efficacy Scale (30 item, scale from 1-4, from Really Disagree to Really Agree) Morgan-Jinks Student Efficacy Scale (MJSES) (from Jinks, J. & Morgan, V. (1999). perceived academic self-efficacy: An inventory scale.
 Academic Motivation Scale. The instrument has a total of 28 questions divided into 7 subscales, each consisting of 4 item questions. These questions are assessed on a 7-point-Likert-type-scale. The AMS instrument returns an overall score termed a Self Determination Index (SDI). The range on the SDI is from -18 to +18. The higher the score, the more intrinsic the participant is considered to be
 General Weighted Average for the school year 2014-2015 (first semester).
Data Analysis
After the gathered date has been analyzed, the researchers will use quantitative and qualitative analysis and compute for statistical data. The researchers will then be obtaining the results needed.
Jessa Cristine Amaca
Ceres Virtucio

BS PSychology III-B

March 2015

Research Design
Descriptive Design
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