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Owen Tomsich

No description

lib hist

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Owen Tomsich

Owen Tomsich
Medal of Honor
Jackson distinguished himself as pilot of a C-123 aircraft. Lt. Col. Jackson volunteered to attempt the rescue of a 3-man USAF Combat Control Team from the special forces camp at Kham Duc. Hostile forces had overrun the forward outpost and established gun positions on the airstrip. They were raking the camp with small arms, mortars, light and heavy automatic weapons, and recoilless rifle fire. The camp was engulfed in flames and ammunition dumps were continuously exploding and littering the runway with debris. In addition, 8 aircraft had been destroyed by the intense enemy fire and 1 aircraft remained on the runway reducing its usable length to only 2,200 feet. To further complicate the landing, the weather was deteriorating rapidly, thereby permitting only 1 air strike prior to his landing. Although fully aware of the extreme danger and likely failure of such an attempt. Lt. Col. Jackson elected to land his aircraft and attempt to rescue. Displaying superb airmanship and extraordinary heroism, he landed his aircraft near the point where the combat control team was reported to be hiding. While on the ground, his aircraft was the target of intense hostile fire. A rocket landed in front of the nose of the aircraft but failed to explode. Once the combat control team was aboard, Lt. Col. Jackson succeeded in getting airborne despite the hostile fire directed across the runway in front of his aircraft.
Joe M. Jackson
Gary Wetzel was chosen for the medal of honor for his actions on January 8th, 1968. A missile was shot at his craft killing two crew members and severely injuring Wetzel and his commander. Despite wounds in his chest, leg and arm, he preceded to aid his commander who was blown into a "rice patty field." Then he returned his helicopter and opened fire upon the enemy untill they were eliminated. After that, he cared for his commander before he lost consciousness.
Gary Wetzel
The Medal of Honor is the rarest and the most prestigious Medal that an American solider can receive. About 3,400 Americans have received the award, but only one women has gotten it. The Medal was started back in the year 1862 by Abraham Lincoln in the civil War. Lost of soldiers were awarded with the medal but it was only for the Army. Then in the year 1941 it was expanded to all branches of the Military.
Both soldiers showed honor in battle by serving their country when they had a dangerous task at hand. One of them volunteered to do the a very dangerous assignment. The soldier Joe M. Jackson showed honor when he volunteered to do a rescue mission to save people in a burning camp. Gary Wetzel showed honor when he was servilely injured when his helicopter was blown up. He risked his life trying to save his commander while fighting off the enemy with the copters guns. For these reasons this is how they showed honor in battle.
Both soldiers showed valor when they were very brave in the face of danger. They both were in grave danger but they weren't afraid to served their country even when hurt. Joe M. Jackson showed valor when he flew his damaged airplane in to a burning camp to rescue people form it. He did it with courage even when death was near. Gary Wetzel showed valor when he was injured but he still fought off the enemy and helped his commander. For these reasons I think they showed valor.
I think that being american takes more than loving the country. I think it take courage sacrifice and honor to love a country. the people that get the Medal of Honor love their country America because they do all of those things. They show Honor, Valor, Patriotism and Courage. Many of them die in battle but their stories live on. Many of the people that make the greatest sacrifices and not known because nobody witnessed it. The people who get the Medal of Honor represent all of the soldiers that risk their life and die for America. They love their country so much they are willing to die for it so they make it a safer place. I think only a true american with these traits can Receive the Medal of Honor.
Both soldiers showed Patriotism when they served their our country and risked their lives for America. Joe M. Jackson showed Patriotism when he flew down his damaged airplane to rescue people form a burning camp. He showed Patriotism when he did this because he risked his life for the greater for the country. Gary Wetzel showed Patriotism when he kept fighting for his country even though he was severely injured. He kept fighting against the enemy and saving his commanders life. For these reasons i think both soldier showed Patriotism.
Both soldiers showed Courage when they went out on missions that would probably kill them. Joe M. Jackson showed courage when he volunteered himself to go on a rescue mission to save three people fora burning camp. That is courage because it could have killed him. Gary Wetzel showed courage when he fought in battle when he could have died of severe blood loss at any second. That is courage because he could have died at any second but he kept fighting for his nation. For these reasons i think both soldiers showed courage.
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