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Christoph Tatgenhorst

on 25 May 2014

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Background Information
an economic and political union that consists of 28 member countries
was established in 1993 under the Maastricht treaty
has developed a single market
maintains world-wide diplomatic missions
History goes back to the creation of the European Economic community and the European Coal and Steel community
Why was the European Union made?
The European Union was made to escape extreme forms of nationalism that had devastated the continent several times before, it was also made to stimulate the economy
There are many policies that have been implemented by the EU, as a result of the EU or promoted and suported by the EU. The following are SOME examples in no particular order...
How does the EU work?
The way the EU works is very complicated but there are 3 main things you should know...
EU members vote on the laws they all must follow
Citizens of member countries are EU citizens too
EU members pay membership fees
The Schengen Area
Area within Europe without border patrols
Citizens of participating countries are free to travel, live*, work* and retire* in any of the others
Area of common currency (the Euro)
18 countries participate in this
Single market
Free Movement of goods without required payment of tariffs
All EU member countries
Extra Facts
Capitol: Brussels, Belgium
Motto: "Unified in Diversity"
24 official languages
Covers an area of 1,707,787 sq Miles
Most populous country: Germany
Most populous city: London, UK
Highest Point: Mont Blanc, Granian Alps
Lowest Point: Zuidplaspolder, Netherlands
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