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Ancient Greece

No description

Amit Dey

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greece

AMIT DEY ANCIENT GREECE Daily life of Ancient Greece Houses of Greece are small and made of mud . The married woman of Greece stayed at home much of time . The poor woman do the work of cooking , weaving cloth and looked after the children . The rich woman need not to do any work . Art and theater The most of the cities of Greece had a theater . Theater is so big that more then 15000 people can set . All the actors were man or boys in Greece . Arts was a grate part of Greek festivals. Olympics The game were held in honor of Zeus Olympic games began over 2700 years ago in greece . They held olympic games in one time after four years . The king of Greece become popular by the olympic games . Alexander the great Pericles Alexander the great was military commander and king of the Greece . Alexander the great was born July 20 , 356 BC in Macedon . Alexander the great died in young age of 32 in June 10 , 323 BC in Babylon . He was one of the best king of Greece history . Pericles was born in 495 BC in Athens , Greece . Pericles worked on reforming the Athenian democracy and introduced new laws and ideas . Pericles is become famous for his great building . Athens pass his golden age during the leadership of Pericles . Aristotle and other Philosophers Aristotle was born in a small city of Greece in 384 BC . Aristotle go to the school in his early life and learned about Greek Gods , philosophy , and mathematics . Aristotle was the most wise person in his time and discover many thing of biology . Socrates was first major philosophers in Greece , he wanted to educated people . Plato was another great philosophers of Greece history . Greek Mythology The Greeks had numerous Gods , the titans was the first and elder Gods . Zeus was the leader of the Olympians and God of the sky . Hera was the Queen of Gods and married to Zeus ,She is the goddess of marriage and family , her symbols was lion and cow . The Greece had many Gods , some of them were Demeter, Aphrodite , Ares , Athena , Hermes , etc . Sparta Sparta was one of the most famous city-states in Ancient Greece for his powerful army . Sparta spent so much time training for battle , so the army of Sparta is very strong . In Sparta a boy start live in an army school form age of 7 and become a soldier in age of 20 . For the long training in an army school everyone become a good soldier . Athens Athens was one of the most powerful and largest city in Greece . Athens was the center of power,art, science, and philosophy in the world during the time of the Ancient Greece . In 500 BC Athens discover democracy and people get power . Early GREECE CITIES Greece cities was like a small country in the early time . In the early time people called each city a city-state in Greece . Athens was one of the most powerful city-state in Greece in early time . In the early time the each city-state had his own government and laws . Government The people of a country who control what happens in the country is government . Ancient Greece was famous for his ides . Government is discover by Ancient Greek . Government is a important thing for a country . Macedonia Macedonia was one city of Ancient Greece . In 359 BCE KING Philip build a strong army in Macedonia . Philip conquered all the city-states of Greece . Macedonia become most powerful city-state in Greece. PELOPONNESE WAR After the Persian war Athens and Sparta agree to thirty Year Peace . During this Athens become power . The war between Athens and Sparta lasted for 10 years . In the war Athens was defeated by Sparta . Persian wars The Persian war held between the Persians and the Greece from 492 BC to 449 BC . The Greece were made up many city-states strong like Athens , Sparta . Darius the king of Persia wanted to conquer the Greece and start building a large army . Ten years later the son of Darius decided to get his revenge on the Greece and build a army of over 200,000 soldiers and 1,000 warships . Darius go to Greece with his large but could not conquer the Greece . Ancient Greece and its Legacy The Ancient Greece has three Period ,they are Archaic Period , Classical Period , Hellenistic Period . Greece Archaic Period begin in 800 BC and end in 480 BC . Greece Classical Period begin in 480 BC and end in 323 BC . Greece Hellenistic Period begin in 323 BC and end in 146 BC . philosophers,writers and Rulers There were many philosophers in Greece, some of are Socrates , Plato , Aristotle . Socrates is a famous philosopher of Ancient Greece . ZUES was one of the Rulers Ancient Greece , he was also the god of them . Aeschylus,Euripides,Sophocles,Aristophanes were some of good writers of Greece . The wars There were some big and long wars in Ancient Greece. The city-states of Ancient Greece used to fight one with another . The Athens city-state and Sparta city-state fight one with another for 10 years long .
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