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Katie Decker and GoogleAdWords

No description

John Harris

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Katie Decker and GoogleAdWords

Campain Overview Objective: Establilsh our cllient
as an up-and-coming fine
jewelry designer Accomplished through 3 adgroups Who is Katie Decker?
2 Years entrepreneurial experience in
"handcrated fine jewelry" market Sales of 15-20 pieces result of local
selling, in Houston, "on memo" JCK Show in Las Vegas provides
opportunities: Become affiliated with larger
fine jewelry retailers, ie Neiman
Marcus or Nordstroms Market Analysis #1 Concern: Saturation
#2 Concern: Competitors are
well established Limitations #3 Concern: Secrecy/difficulty
in networking Katie Decker's Jewelry
Segmented as high quality, low cost Current Marketing Efforts Information only; no ecommerce on
web presesnce KatieDecker.com Major hindrance:
Katie's website is highly image driven marketing tool mainly used:
Word of Mouth;
Word of Mouse if targeted search used AdGroups #1:Fine Jewelry
#2: Houston Specific #3: JCK Show Specific Goals and Campaign Details
Achieve average CPC of $.25 Average CTR of 5% Dates of campaign:March 25
through April 14 Remaining budget: 0$ RESULTS:
Learning Objectives
Team Expectations What we did to meet our expectations Outcomes
Expected Unexpected Group Dynamics
Problems Dealing with these problelms: Fine Jewelry Google AdWords Campaign Katie Decker Jewelry John Harris
Amy Powell
Jordan Gross
Lauren Hardacker
Jordan McGowen MKTG 438
Section 501
Who is Katie Decker?
Katie Decker Jewelry Client Dynamics
Market Analysis Current Marketing Campaign Overview
Goals and Campaign Details
Ad Groups
Results: Learning Objectives
Outcomes Group Dynamics Future Recommendations Two years experience as entrepreneur
in Houston,Texas Handcrafted fine jewelry designer Has sold 15-20 pieces on "memo"
through local retailers Will be featured at JCK Show
in Las Vegas Hopes to be noticed by large retailers,
i.e. Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom's,
through JCK
White gold, yellow gold
pearls, and diamonds Trend sensitive
Established as great
for all ages and occasions
with a classic feel Interview One year in market
Less than one year
online Website highly image
driven Does not participate in e-commerce Limited in brand recognition
by geographical span of sales Very saturated and highly competitive
Very secretive
Success in market acheived through time Information-only website Images conflict with SEO Press Kits to JCK Showcase Word of Mouth Segmented as high quality,
value purchase Certifications and
organization membership Focus: to promote an "up and coming"
fine jewelry designer Strategically increase CPC at time
of JCK Show in Las Vegas Achieved through big-name proximity
and page position Campaign ran from
March 25th to April 14th Remaining budget on last day: $0 Achieve average CPC of less than $.25 Acheive average CTR of 5% Increase awareness specifically
during JCK show Metric Goals for Campaign Fine Jewelry Houston Specific JCK Show Expectations as a team Learn how to efficiently manage
an AdWords campaign Gain knowledge and insight
of fine jewelry market Understand potential AdWords
possess Meeting our expectations Determining most effective bid price Best advertisement strategies Call to action Monitored campaign performance
and tweaked specifics periodically
Bidding price decisions Advertisement wording Ads/keywords to keep
or throwout Problems
Overcoming Problems Brainstorming/collaborative efforts
to determine best strategy Constant campaign monitoring,
including specific keywords,
ad placements, and "call to action" Inexperience foreshadowed
many changes to campaign
Expected Difficulty creating name recognition
in highly saturated market Image intensive site a barrier to SEO Unexpected Managing AdWords is tedious and
hard to do in unfamiliar market Incrementally increasing bid dramatically
improves page position Timing of JCK Show and increase in bid
substantially increased impressions and clicks GoogleAnalytics Use JCK Show network/contacts to facilitate SEO Potential for "Word of Mouse" Continue monitoring effective keywords
and tweak "call to action" Consider selling pieces online Revamp webstie to include more keywords Monitor local and national competitors'
strategies and adjust likewise Fully utilize seasonal peaks
Tailor ads and "call to action" Adjust keywords accordingly Monitor budget closely as periods before
holidays are crucial, i.e. Christmas, Valentines,
and of course, wedding season Questions? Goals Goals Goals Increase awareness Establish as high-end jewelry designer
by establishing proximity to major designers
such as Tiffany's & Co. and Harry Winston Increase name recognition
in Katie's home town Use a geographical segment
to better market Katie's jewelry Increase name recognition alongside
the upcoming JCK Showcase Promote awareness among
JCK vendors Increase CPC when press kits
were sent out Start with $.10 CPC Increase to $.50 CPC Increase to $1.00 CPC Re-word TextAds to include
"call for action" Delete any low-ranking keywords Lower CPC to $1.50 Use remaining budget Increase to $2.00 CPC Add a new TextAd in
Fine Jewelry AdGroup Questions?
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