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Travel Blogs

No description

Heather Gerson

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Travel Blogs

Travel Blogs
Comparisons By Heather Gerson
March 2015
Who do they target?
What are the best travel blogs?
best practices?
What do the best travel blogs do?
Travel blogs are all over the internet, recommending where you should go next.

Who should you believe, and how do you weed out
the good
from the bad?
The Recipe Of A Travel Blog

Information about the blogger How they can assist the viewer

Where they travel How they can be contacted

Visual evidence in photos or videos Any merchandise for sale

Journaling or written details Reviews & Marketing

If they have a specialty

Travel blog basics should include:
The blogger should toss in an informative About Me page. Viewers often want to know who is making all these recommendations, and why they should trust the offered opinions. Viewers enjoy reading about where they are from and how they fit travel into their lives.
Where the blogger has traveled to is what brings them viewers. Web searches are performed for specific areas, regions, or cities. Readers want to know how much experience this blogger has and all of the places they have been.
Visual Evidence
Visual evidence is a necessary part of a travel blog, as it shows us scenery, food, accommodations, and surroundings. Without visual evidence, viewers can't
what the blogger is talking about.
Photography, Slide Shows, Montages
Videos, Clips, Movie Trailers
What is written in a blog is a
recorded account
of what the blogger saw, felt, heard, tasted, and smelled. Without the written word, they could substitute audio, but the viewer needs to get
from the blogger. Photos need descriptions, and viewers want information throughout.
Some bloggers commit to a specialty.
Specialty sites help searchers find just the right travel for them. A travel blog can be all about the food, or all about the transportation.
Blogs can also assist their readers with:
hotel recommendations
restaurant reviews
packing suggestions
adventures to take
shopping spots
regional weather
Contact & Subscribe

Blogs should include a way for viewers to contact them, and a push to subscribe viewers. These features encourage questions, and allow bloggers to keep in touch with newsletters.
Merchandise for Sale

Some bloggers have items for sale, like their published photo books, recipes, or guides. There are even t-shirts and hats, camping gear and blankets.
Media Handles

All travel blogs need social media links like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and so on.
Blogger PR & Marketing

Every successful travel blogger is marketing themselves and looking for support. Some have full resumes of what they have accomplished. Others have advertising, traffic tickers, or press releases.
Young Adventuress
tells us all about herself & is honest
balances her journaling and photos
writes about all the details, and from the heart
doesn't specialize, but leaves open possibilities
gives geographical & topical information
is very good at marketing herself while assisting her viewers
is geared towards 20-40-year-olds
Just 5 More Minutes
lets us peak inside her trailer, and added a photo of herself
does a beautiful job with her photos and shows us where she has traveled
is all about the professional photos, and writes professional details
adds little sayings to her photographs
specializes in photography from an RV, and DIY projects like decor & crafts
asks viewers to sign up for her newsletter
markets items she is advertising, her partnerships, and social media links
gears her travel blog to 25-55-year-olds who love RV travel and gear
Scott Calafiore & Christy Woodrow
Ordinary Traveler
tell us all about themselves, why they travel and how they can help the viewer
get all around the world and have a great map to show where
balance visual and written rhetoric, answering lots of questions for the viewer
don't specialize, but take a lot of pictures and sell them on the blog
provide information on booking travel and gear to pack
have a pop-up for newsletter subscriptions
encourage others to work with them, and list many partners
are targeting 30-50-year-olds
Eric & Evanne
Poplar Travels
share their background and why they are traveling
do a great job of balancing their writing and photography
cover so many categories: modes of travel, responsibility, luxury & more
share their tips on saving, gear, packing, booking, style & inspiration
have over 50,000 subscribers for exclusive trip information
advertise gear, link all social media, have press releases & partnerships
gear their blog towards 20-40-year-olds
Agness & Cez
tell us a lot about themselves and their travels
have been all over the world together
balance their writing with edited and customized photos
specialize in traveling for very little cost
give a lot of useful information and details on traveling for less
encourage readers to contact them, link to social media, and bloglovin'
sell ebooks, postcards, and other books
market their blog with social media, promote their following and tips
gear the blog towards anyone wanting to stick to $25 per day
Raymond Walsh
Man On The Lam
does a delightful job of telling us about himself and displaying his creativity
shows us quirky places around the world
visually sticks to photos, balancing luxury with folly, and interesting graphics
journals to the reader directly, and finds interesting things to review
specializes in odd places, adventures, eatables, and happenings
attempts to assist his readers in peculiar ways, and offers mystery
links to social media handles, and offers newsletters and a contact postcard
markets his blog with advertising, sales, media, reviews and giveaways
is targeting men between the ages of 20 and 60 years old
Most travel blogs are geared towards young people, who adventure before settling down and having families. Those escaping from commitment, mortgages, or paychecks. Readers between the ages of 20 and 40 who are fully wired to the internet and check up on their favorite sites regularly. Younger travelers are more willing to be adventurous, athletic, and less worried.
How do travel bloggers retain their audience?
1. They need to grab a viewer's attention
2. They need to provide enjoyable or valuable rhetoric for viewers
3. They need to convince viewers to return to the site
The best travel blogs describe the kinds of things a traveler would want to know.
Where should I go?
Where should I stay?
What should I eat, and where should I eat it?
What fun things are there to do there?
What interesting things will I see?
So, pick a location, style, or mode of travel and dig though these travel blogs for the best ways to see this beautiful planet of ours.
Heather Gerson
March 2015
Enjoy yourself
Be yourself
Do it for yourself
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