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Game Art

No description

Carl-Erik Engqvist

on 22 August 2012

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Transcript of Game Art

Game Art - play is not just for fun Carl-Erik Engqvist and Emma Ewadotter Games as games Games as a critique Games as art Journey, Thatgamecompany, 2012 Dear Esther, thechineseroom, 2012 Braid, Jonathan Blow, 2008 Passage, Jason Rohrer, 2007 Every Day the Same Dream, Paolo Pedercini, 2009 September 12th: A Toy World, Newsgaming, 2003 World Without Oil, Writerguy, 2007 Escape from Woomera, Katharine Neil & Matthew Jons, 2007 Velvet- Strike, Anne-Marie Schleiner, Joan Leandre, and Brody Condon, 2002 Metapet, Natalie Bookchin & Jin Lee, 2002 The Night Journey, Bill Viola 2005-2008 dead-in-iraq, Joseph DeLappe, 2006 - ongoing Game Over Museum Meltdown Arken Apocalypse, Tobias Bernstrup & Palle Torsson, 1996 Johann Sebastian Joust, Copenhagen Game Collective, 2008 Limbo, Playdead Studios, 2010
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