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9/11 Conspiracy

No description

A Narain

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of 9/11 Conspiracy

By: Anu Narain The Attacks Of 9/11 What Events Transpired During 9/11? How Many Different Conspiracies Lie Behind This Attack 12 years ago
The morning of September 11th 2001
Terrorist attack on New York, Pennsylvania and Washington
These attacks were made by a terrorist group called Al Qaeda who was lead by Bin Laden,
Two commercial airplanes were hijacked and crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre
Both towers collapsed within 2 hours
2,996 people were killed Many conspiracies on this topic.

LIHOP_ Let it happen on purpose
MIHOP- Make/Made it happen on purpose When Did 9/11 Happen? Who Caused 9/11? Why Would bin Laden Cause the Attacks? How Many People Died in New York on 9/11? What Was The Name of the Airliners in the 9/11 Attacks? September 11, 2001 A terrorist group called Al Qaeda
Osama bin Laden admitted to it Almost 3000 people died on the day
Including 227 people on the airplane
19 hijackers United Airlines Flight 175 – Two World Trade Center
American Airlines Flight 77 – Pentagon What Locations Did the 9/11 Attacks Happen In? The Twin Towers in New York City, New York
The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia
A fourth plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania
It didn't reach it's target, which is believed to have been the US Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Describe the LIHOP Theory. The attack was executed by the members of the Al Qaeda
But high officials in the U.S. government were aware of the plot and deliberately let it happen for political convenience
Hijackers were dispatched by Al-Qaeda to carry out the 9/11 plan.
However, Bush & Co. and/or other figures within the U.S. government, secret services or establishment worked to ensure they would happen, with the intent of creating a New World.
May have included protection of the alleged hijackers,
A stand down of air defense, Describe the MIHOP Theory. 9/11 attacks was the work of a plot within the U.S government
Foreign terrorist were barely even involved
No hijackers.
Attack was planned before 2001 and finally done by the US intel apparatus and/or the Bush mob.
Created decieving excuses, using Al Qaeda, fake list of perpetrators.
The planes were likely flown by remote control, or were replaced in mid-flight by drones. The Saudi Arabian let Americans stay in the country
Bin Laden was furious that the Arabians would allow American troop bases to be on "his" country,
He referred to as "Holy Land"
He sent warning about hurting the Americans but no one listened to him What Evidence Suggests That 9/11 Was a Conspiracy? Designers of the World Trade Centre say they built it to withstand many aircraft impacts
All CCTV from around the pentagon has been removed and never released.
The Pentagon only had a small hole where the "airplane" had hit
Airplanes-big= Big hole and more damage to the Pentagon Why Would the U.S Government Want to Create the Attacks? The president himself declared that the attacks provide “a great opportunity. The president himself declared that the attacks provide “a great opportunity.
The kind of opportunities that World War II offered, to refashion the world.
Bush's father had always supported a New World
Father- son bond, Bush might create the attacks to refashion the world. There are many different questions out in the world about this conspiracy and many different answers to go with it. I hope you enjoyed my presentation and learned about the 9/11 conspiracy! What is your opinion on this theory? Did the Osama bin Laden do it or the U.S Government?
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