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Special Olympics Oregon Marketing Plan

No description

Cu Em

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Special Olympics Oregon Marketing Plan

Improving Media Outreach
Partnerships and Sponsorships
Strengthen and develop existing business sponsors.

Seek out new business partnerships with companies in the media (radio/print/television).

Look to forge new partnerships with similar organizations.
* Average 30 second radio spot is $850-$900

* TV ads are in the $1000's if you are thrifty

* Put up a billboard advertising major upcoming events.

* Take advantage of certain times of day to maximize the amount of people you will reach with your message. (e.g. radio ads during rush hour, TV ads during popular shows, etc...)
Targeted Segments
Partnership Example: Strategic Philanthropy
About Special Olympics Oregon
Special Olympics Oregon
Marketing Plan

Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR) is a high profile, non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the life skills of intellectually challenged persons through participation in athletics.
“Fans in the Stands” Increase attendance at the Summer State Games.
Strengthen Special Olympics Oregon’s visibility and awareness.
Marketing Research
Survey Monkey Results
Targeted Segments
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Mix
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Mix
Social Media
Get the word out via

* Facebook
* Twitter
* Skype
* Blogging
* Chat rooms
SOOR Website
Social Media Critique
* Needs more organizational postings. Add inspirational stories about athletes and their achievements to personalize the social media presence

* Doesn't seem to be a very large following even though the social media sites are well developed and regularly updated.

* Not very proactive in reaching out on social media sites in order to further awareness of SOOR and what the organization does.
Good overall visual impact and excellent use of visual elements
SOOR Website Recommendation
Physical Environment
Survey Results
Navigation heavy
Khanh Duong
Bree Duong
Project Manager
Curtis Zervic
Communications Lead
Event Coordinator
Mickey Yeager
Chief Editor
Research Lead
Denise Burlingame
To be inspired!
To support a cause!
To provide hope!
To gather with your community!
To be entertained!
Residents of Newberg
Newberg Business Owners
Families with children
Corporate Sponsors
Youth organizations
Learning about SOOR via:
Youth Organizations
Newberg Business Owners
Families with Children
Corporate Sponsors
Residents of Newberg
Volunteer Organizations
Physical Environment
"Training for Life"
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