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sierra webster

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Biomes

Deciduous Forest
Tundra and Tiga
Taiga and Grassland
The Deciduous Forest
The climate of the Deciduous Forest is temperate. Which mean that it is not to hot or to cold.
The tundra
The Tundra is located in the extreme north and south poles
The Tundra
The Tundra
The Tundra is a frigged place and has less precipitation the a dessert with dark long winter and short summers It also has permafrost witch is soil that is frozen year round
The Taiga is located in Canada
The Taiga has long hard winters and short cool summers. It also has constant snow cover
The Grassland of North America is West of the Deciduous Forest. It has cold winters warm summers and uneven precipitation (how much rain a place gets.)
zones of life
The Deciduous Forest is located in the Eastern part of the United States
The turtle adaptes
to its invierment because
it habernates in the winter
Maple Tree
The maple tree adapes to its
inviormen by using its leaves
to catch the sun light in the

The dwarf tree adapts
to its environment because
its roots do not go far into
the ground so the permafrost does
not effect it.
The bots fly adapts to its environment
because it uses the marsh marigold
for warmth and uses the caribous
nose to lay its eggs
A fern adaptes to its enviornment
because it does not need sunlight
to grow
The Crossbill adaptes to its
enviorment because it use its
sharp beak to break open the
seeds from cones
The Grassland has a lot of farm land and it is called the Breadbasket. One time there was a drought and the crops died and the soil was so dry that the dust bowl was formed.
The Prairie Dog adaptes
to its evironment because of
its sharp claws that it uses to
dig burrows to hid from preditors.
Grass adaptes to its enviornment
because in the fall it dies and decays
so in the spring it is like the grass self
fertilizes and that makes better
condishions to grow.
The Fennec Fox is adapted
to its enviorment because
its big ears help it servive the
very hot weather of the Desert.
One Desert is located in the southwestern United States.
In the Unites states we have a cool Desert. The Desert has milder tempertures compared to Deserts around the world like the shahara Desert. They also have hot dry days and cool nights.
The Giant Saguaro Cactus can store
much water and therefor survive the
Rain Forest
Most Rain Forest are found near the equator.
Rain Forest
The Rain Forest has high temperatures and large amounts of rain.
Rain Forest
The sandbox tree has sharp
spikes that protect it from
anyone that might climb it.
The Humming Bird uses its long thin bill to drink out of flowers.
One way to live green is to unplug your electronics when not in use. Also you can fly less to reduce climate change. Next you can recycle every thing that you can so that is one less think the factory's have to make.
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