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The Sea of Monsters

No description

Lily Ping

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of The Sea of Monsters

The Sea of Monsters
by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson had a weird dream that his friend Graver was chased by a Cyclops who guarded the Golden Fleece. Annabeth appeared at Percy's school and she saved Percy and Tyson from those Laistrygonians. After they returned to the Camp Half-Blood. They found out that the camp was in chaos. Someone has poisoned Thalia's tree when monsters were attacking. Percy Jackson, and his friend has to find the Golden Fleece so they can save Thalia's tree that protects Camp Half-Blood, their friend Grover and also combat Luke and all the monsters.
Text To Text:
This book reminds me of the time when I read another book called 'Harry Potter'. In Harry Potter, Harry and his friends went to go stop the Volmort, so I think it's same as how Percy stops the Luke.
The trailer of the Sea of Monsters
The story takes place in America, Percy and his friend were trained in Camp Half-Blood. They are going to get the Golden Fleece from the Cyclops who lived under the sea in the Bermuda Triangle. The time is modern.
Author of the book
-Rick Riordan
Rick Riordan is an American author and #1 New York Times best selling author of the Percy Jackson series.

He had been teaching students for 15 years before he decided to become an author. He wrote novels in his spare time and he said the Lightning Thief was one of the bedtime story for his oldest son.

Now, Rick Riordan become a full time writer and continues to write his amazing stories for us.
Text to World:
Some people are embarrassed about their own family because they have different appearances. In this book, Percy is embarrassed about his new brother because his bother has only one eye. But after his friends and he saved the camp half blood , he learned how the family is important.
Text to self:

The Thalia's tree reminds me of my parents, because
they are protects me like how Thalia's tree protects the camp half blood.

Morality - Good versus evil. Percy is is the main protagonist in the story and Luke is the main antagonist.

Friendship - Percy put himself in danger in order to help his friends.

Team work - If we unite as one, we can overcome all the problems.

Family relationship - A message about it is accepting family members as being family members, even if they dishonor or embarrass you.
Percy Jackson VS Luke Castellan & all the monsters

Percy Jackson's conscience and loyalty
We will give 9/10 to this book because the story is very descriptive and makes people feel thrilling.I'm very touched by Percy' s friendship, but one thing i dislike about him is that he is too protective of others rather than himself.
enchanted-influenced as by charms

pledges-a serious promise

promenade-a public place for walking, usually a wide path beside the sea

maintenance-the act of making a state or situation continue

satisfaction-the act of fulfilling a need or desire

spectator-a person who is watching an event

wreckage-the parts of a vehicle or building that remain after it has been badly damaged or destroyed

whimper-to makes low, weak crying noises

demolish-to pulls or knocks down a building

Thank you for watching!!!
Q & A
1)what happened to Thalia's tree?
2)Where is the Golden Fleece?
3)Rick had been teaching students for ____ years before he decided to become an author.

Percy Jackson - He is the son of Poseidon, so he can control water. He is brave and strong.
Grover Underwood - He is a satyr. He is insensitive.
Annabeth Chase - She is a daughter of Athena. She helps Percy. She is smart, brave.
Tyson the Cyclops - He is a Cyclops and Percy's half brother. He is strong, emotional.

Clarisse La Rue - She is a daughter of Ares,the Greek god of war. She's mean. She is smart, strong and brave.
Thalia Grace - She is a daughter of Zeus. After her died, her father transformed her into a pine tree to protect the Camp Half Blood
Mr.D:He is the camp director of Camp Half Blood.He is Dionysus god of wine..
Luke Castellan - He is the son of Hermes. He hates Percy. He is mean, selfish and strong.

By: Janice and Lily
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