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ryann williams

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Anesthesiologist

Thank You!
What is an Anesthesiologist
An Anesthesiologist is a person who who offers Therapeutic service for a wide variety of situation.
Primary Goals
Prevent and relieve pain while simutaneously providing for safety.
Administarting a variety of injections, medication and pain blocks to patient to help them manage pain due to an injury, disease, or other disorders.
Ability to work long hours
Be able to handle stress and pressure
Precision & Focus
Ability to fight fatigue
Have patience and determinationfor learning, studying, reading, and writing.
Oriented, calm, and clear headed in stressful situation
Primary & Skills
Graduate Highschool
4 Years of College
4 Years of Medical School
1 Year of Internship
3 Years of Residency
Study Cardiology, Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacology.
4 Years Of Bachelor's degree as well as 4 years of Medical School after doing so you will have to complete 4 years of specilized training in Anestiology.
Annual Income
Anesthesiologist make an annual income of $336,743.
The Bonuses are around $7,192
Working Condition/ Environment
Work in hospitals and outpatients surgical centers.
They also work long and hectic hours, with 60+ hours a week.
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