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Teenage Drug-Abuse Prevention

For school we had to create an idea for how to prevent teens from starting to use drugs. So this happened...

Elizabeth M.

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Teenage Drug-Abuse Prevention

WHY Do Teens Start Using Drugs?
WHAT to Do About It?
HOW to Pay for It?
Teenage Drug-Prevention
Possible, and we
do it.
Teenage Drug-Abuse Prevention
By: Haley Mayr
There are of course countless reasons why teens begin using drugs: wanting to 'fit-in', depression, stress, etc.
However, one of the most prominent reasons is because of parent or family influence. We are raised by example, and if our example is an addict, chances are we will be one too.
However, even if their parents don't use drugs, teens who do not learn about the risks of drugs from their parents are 50% more likely to take part in drugs, or to believe drugs are not a real problem that could ever affect them.

I propose a solution that targets not only
filled with
, but also their
By working together with adult and child, they will grow a
tighter bond
, adults will know how to
teenage drug abuse in the future, and teenagers will feel more obliged to
stay away
from drugs- so that they will make their parents
Here's the Plan...
This idea, like most others, does require money to pay for materials, parent guides, costs of traveling between schools, etc. That's why it's imperative that we
utilize our ability to receive grants from anti-drug associations. Here's a list of organizations who provide grants we could qualify for:
Department of Public Safety in North California
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Office of National Drug Control
Grant Funding Resources: CA Alcohol and Drug Programs
Ben and Jerry’s Foundation
Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Foundation
The amounts they could supply mostly depend upon what we ask of them. Although, they do have ranges, like Ben and Jerry's can give
, and SAMHSA has tentative amounts of
NOTE: We want to send people out to as many middle or high schools as possible, but we need to start by selecting underprivileged areas to really work with. Their lack of resources calls for a more desperate need than areas that already have programs in place.

Lectures are

Almost no one really pays attention to their meanings. Let's change that by sending groups of people to engage the students.
Instead of presentations, they will begin to provide knowledge through an interactive game similar to LIFE. It's an introduction to the affect of drugs throughout their lives, and they will play as a team with their parent(s)/guardian(s), because parents often hard a difficult time bringing up the subject of drugs with their teens.

The game will work like this:
there will be a giant LIFE themed board game, but modified. It starts in their teenage years, and has two main courses it can take, both of which will be used: drugs, and drug-free. Audience members will be called on spin a large spinner, and then to move the piece. Through the "drug-path", the spaces provide worse and worse consequences to the person; certain spaces allow a card to be picked up. Each card has some kind of statistic or other drug-related fact on it. At the end, parents/guardians the the teenagers will be prompted to reflect on the game.
Examples of Cards:
Drug overdose deaths since 2010 have
deaths in car accidents.
In the United States alone,
deaths were reported in 2010, and the number of deaths from overdose has been rising alarmingly for the past 11 years. An average of
fourteen hundred
teenage deaths are reported every year because of drug overdose.
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Usage of Meth results in permanent body modifications like nose tissue destruction, malnutrition, extremely unhealthy weight loss, severe tooth decay, and more.
After the game, parents will be given these methods have how to prevent drug abuse, and it will be sent to parents who could not attend the game seminar.
Firmly state where you stand concerning drugs.
Some teens will likely be deterred from using drugs when parents spell out consequences or their plan of action if they start using drugs.
Others work well with the emotional push technique. i.e. disappointment if they begin using drugs, or praise that they don't use drugs.
Discuss the dangers of drugs, especially immediate consequences. Children are more likely to not think about what will happen to them in the future, but will understand what could happen to them in-the-now.
A reminder that using drugs is expensive could remind them that they should use their money better. Also emphasize that the teen would have to pay for any of it themselves. By making drugs seem like hard work...a lot of lazy teens won't want to deal with it.
Include an explanation of how starting to use drugs results in addiction. Bad addiction.
Every child responds differently to
methods that parents use when explaining rules, the following are possible techniques.

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