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Shakespeare 2.0

This Prezi outlines a high school English project that combines Shakespeare and social media.

Jordan Kent

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Shakespeare 2.0

Shakespeare 2.0 Shakespeare Shakespeare's plays represent some most well-constructed texts in the history of the English language Hamlet 2.0 Social networking Project Reading Shakespeare “In this ‘participatory culture,’ the ability to interact with both people and computers can expand mental capacities.”
Henry Jenkins,
Director of Comparative Media Studies Program at MIT Availability Universal themes Drama Literacy skills How to use this presentation Use the whole project
Approach Shakespeare differently
Use social networking for a novel study project
Learn some new tools
Share with colleagues
Contact me Jordan Kent, WQSB Research
Extra Each student is assigned a character 3 classes obstacles passwords
site limitations
school board policies Social networking is integral to the lives of students Thank you other
projects Game play
Magazine editing
Survivor Design blog video interact extra tools computer lab
Gutenberg style Reflect Write a blog for every scene that the character is in
Approx. 10 blogs
Colloquial language
Blog conventions
Purpose and audience Choose a template that suits character
Add profile details, photos, and music Connect with other students
Interact while in character Show your understanding and creativity Memorize and rehearse lines
Interpret lines and determine how your character will perform the lines
Record and post Research “These kids are different, and they're about to change the world.”
Don Tapscott,
Grown Up Digital mrkent.co.nr jkent@wqsb.qc.ca Links Online poster creator
Glogster: glogster.com Publishers (POD)
Magcloud (HP): magcloud .com
Lulu: lulu.com
iUniverse: iuniverse.com Comics
Comic life 2: plasq.com
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