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Alexander Hamilton

No description

Abdi Wakene

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton vs. Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton wanted to pay the debt, because he thought his scheme could give a big profits to speculators who had bonds from the Revolutionary War veterans for a very little amount of money.
Thomas Jefferson said that a U.S. bank would hinder the creation of state banks. The bank would help the wealthy businessmen more than to the farmers in the country. The constitution did not give the national government the power to make the bank.
Alexander Hamilton
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Why Hamilton wanted a National Bank
Alexander Hamilton was a federalist. He wanted to make the first National Bank to help create money with money. This would deal with foreign debt, and to make US currency. But Thomas Jefferson , a republican leader, found it unconstitutional. He opposed the National Bank because it was contradicting with the state constitution. In other words the constitution did not specifically grant power to congress to create a National Bank. Taking the fact that Jefferson was among the Anti-Federalist group who was a strict interpreter of the constitution. However the congress latter approved the creation of the National Bank in 1791.
National Bank
Fun Fact
Hamilton may have ended up as President were it not for a scandal that tarnished his reputation. Though he was never found guilty, he never recovered from accusations of involvement in a vicious plot to blackmail the Secretary.
Cited Work

George Washington decided that Hamilton's idea for the national bank was a good way to pay of the debt, and release some issues in the country.
The republican parties strength came primarily from New England and the Midwest. Now it doesn't have as much influence from others. And back in the 1961's slavery was a huge issue and in 2001 it wasn't as big of an issue because of the constitution outlawing slavery. And their wasn't as strict laws concerning immigration. Because in 2001, 9/11 occurred and the United States worked on improving the security of the people.
Differences for the:
Republican Party from
1961 to 2001
Democratic Party from
1889 to 2009
In 1889 the Democratic party had to do 2 main things one of which is to ally with other nations, and the other is to fix their view on slavery. And since the US was just starting up they didn't have enough resources nor money to be able to start up major industries to start making their own stuff instead of relying on other countries. And now the since our country is so successful they don't need to worry about that anymore but they still have so many alliances we have to partake in many wars because of that. If we have listened to President George Washington's advice we wouldn't be in this situation because he specifically said do not keep one alliance for too long.

Do the political parties change their platforms based on voters opinions?
Yes, but they don't stray from their main goal. Because if they left their main cause their would be no point in being called political parties you would just be trying to get elected and it is also impossible for them to please everyone at the same time.
Has the Third Party influenced the position of the Republican Party?
Has the Third Party influenced the position of the Democratic Party?
Yes they have changed some minor details of the party but they kept the overall idea. They changed by trying to keep the environment cleaner like the green party but that is a change for the better.
The Republican Party has changed their views by trying to do what the voters want so they can win the elections so they can apply it but for that they need to get elected first. And I think they were influenced by many third parties to try and please everyone.
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