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area51 prezi :)

No description


on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of area51 prezi :)

Is Area51 is just
a military base?
a residential district
of aliens?
where it is
Question :
Roswell UFO incident on
July 7, 1947
Background of
Area51 :
warning signs
= E.T
= a creature from anoter planet
He is physicist
Jesse Marcel
"things are not
of this earth"
he said.
Art Bell : a radio show host
In 1997, Art took a call from a frantic man
claiming to be an ex-Area51 employee.

On his radio show, the man disclosed the government`s plans concering aliens.

Let`s listen to the recording of their talk.

Thank you :)
Believe it or not.
You be the
Don`t you think
high-level security is for hiding confidential things?
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