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The Giver

No description

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The Giver

The Giver
Character Analysis
Overall Character Analysis
You could consider Jonas as the Hero in the story. Being the Hero in the story involved taking away Gabe from the community to prevent the tragic releasing of him. Towards the end of the book you could argue him to be the Rebel. The rebellious actions of Jonas consisted of him breaking the rules by leaving the community with Gabe.
In our inferred ending, Jonas passed away, along with Gabe. They were suffering from extreme hunger, exhaustion, and fatigue. Jonas was suffering from sadness; he knew that Gabe was slowly drifting away. Jonas gave his memories away one by one to Gabe throughout the end of the story.
The importance of memory to human life is to gain wisdom from past experiences and have emotions about them. From chapter 13 Jonas is given a sad memory of an elephant being brutally slaughtered. He realized he was finally getting emotions.
There can be no pain without pleasure means that there is always a positive side to every bad situation. Chapter 20-23 is a perfect example; Jonas is experiencing extreme exhaustion and hunger, but on the positive side Jonas is not being controlled by the community.
The importance of individuality is to be yourself and be unique. In chapter 3-4 Jonas becomes an individual when he sees colors for the first time. He discovers more about individuality when he asks The Giver about color.
Jonas' actions are very kind
He bathes the elders in The House of Old
He was crying because he couldn't save Gabriel, he was no longer worried about saving himself
He felt disgusted when the baby got released
Jonas' speech is very polite
He apologizes when unneeded
He welcomed the Receiver of Memory
He thanks everyone constantly
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