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GSU 1010: Career Exploration Project

No description

Kysa Huddleston

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of GSU 1010: Career Exploration Project

Stepping Stones to Success
Kysa Huddleston

Freshman Year 2013-2014
Sophomore Year 2014-2015
Junior Year
Senior Year
After Graduation
Declare a Major:
International Economics and Modern Languages
Declare a Minor:
Clubs & Internships
GSU Green Team
Club Volleyball
Intramural Volleyball
Newest degree at GSU
Learn analytical tools to do economic research, consulting, and policy analysis on global issues
Master a language to work with the United States' major trading partners
Interior Design Internship at Spiffy Stuff Inc.
Study Abroad
Summer 2014
Clubs to Join
World Affairs Council
Help to facilitate international awareness of global issues
Understand how to become an international diplomat or ambassador
Spanish Club
Get an Internship in Atlanta
Focus on Marketing or Economics
Study Abroad Again
Continue Gaining Internship Experience
Apply to Graduate
Continue Internships
Begin gaining job experience
Apply to Graduate School
Business School
Law School
Become an International Trade Specialist
Identify, develop, or evaluate market strategy
Use sales forecasting or strategic planning to ensure the sale and profitability of products, lines, or services
Analyze business developments
Work with developers, advertisers, or production managers to market products or services
Conduct economic or commercial surveys to identify potential markets for products or services
Starting Salary
$45K per Year
$98k per Year
Average $75k per Year
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