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Steps to Building an App

A brief presentation on the steps needed to take in order to create and submit an app to the Apple app store.

veronica benavides

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Steps to Building an App

Steps to building an app Get an idea! Start marketing Congratulations! Submit application to iTunes Connect Check around the iPhone app store for similar apps to the one you are intending to make Make sure your idea is original if not try to see what other similar apps lack, or what can improve to make yours better. Get a Distribution Certificate This certificate allows you to code sign your application An application ID will be assigned Buy a one year membership to the You are now a Team Agent! iPhone Developer Program Set up the rest of your team Register your devices you are in charge of assigning roles for development and distribution Give your project and company a name -make it catchy These are people that will test out your app Wait for approval In order to submit your app to the Apple app store you need to... Test app thoroughly to avoid rejection Download xcode 4 free at the mac app store Once you've done some research start creating! Set up the icon and default images remember what they say about first impressions Once familiar with xcode finish the first version of your app Who does what? Set a price for the app Remember people love free stuff Get an iOS Development Certificate Each application has a different number for push notifications Create a provisioning profile Allows for the app to run on a real iOS device V 1.1
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