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Jack and the Bean Stalk

as understood by Cassidy Crolley

Cassidy Crolley

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Jack and the Bean Stalk

Jack, and the BeanStalk as understood, by Cassidy Crolley The story begins; with the birth of a little baby boy see? Well, that little boy was called Jack. And he always always liked plants; see? And he had NEVER liked cows. but can you blame him? So, when his mom told him to sell the cow,
he could not have been happier; and when this old creeper guy came along,
and offered some beans for the cow,
Jack thought it was a pretty good trade. Jack's mother, on the other hand,
was NOT happy... at all. She was SO mad, infact; that she threw the beans right out the window. Which was, infact;
a rather bad idea. because they started to grow... and grow... right to the very clouds! It grew so high, it reached a castle in the sky;
i even think some people have written songs about... but im not sure... Whatever, it looked like that. The only reason i know this,
is because Jack climbed up the vine to find out.
--Otherwise we'de never have know... And we'd never have found out about about the golden eggs; about the magic harp And a message that read: Whoever finds this note--
Due to an increasing rise in
unwanted guests arriving on
strange vines; this Giant has
gone on perminate retirement.

--Please feel free to take the eggs and harp, in retirement
you dont need anything but
bingo cards and diapers.

---The Giant
Ps. Fee Fi Fo; for old time's sake.
The End.
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