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Amazon's Prime Air Invention

No description

Sam Winter

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Amazon's Prime Air Invention

Whats is so special about it?
Its a good idear and it looks very cool but it could be accused of being impractical. What if you were not at home and the drone dropped your items at home. They could get stolen. Also what if you lived in a flat, how could they deliver it to you?
Why would I use it?
Thanks For Watching! :)
Like I said in the first slide, it delivers goods in less than half an hour. Usually orders from amazon can take up to 3 days.
The Invention
Amazons Prime Air Invention!
The drone carries your items in a box underneath. It if flown automatically so once in the air, doesn't need any human help. The drone lands safely on the ground, drops the box, and then sets of again
How does it work?
Amazon's Delivery Drone:
Amazon have invented a new delivery drone capable to deliver your items in less than half an hour. This new idea is called Prime Air.

S-It is short so that readers don't have to read loads and there are pictures so they don't get bored.
W-It could be more interesting
O-Nothing like this has ever been made before and amazon is the first ever company to use this type of technology.
T-This product could be quite expensive because of all the weight that the drone has to carry
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