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Jack London style

No description

Chris Simaku

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Jack London style

Brief Biography of Jack London
Jack was born in San Francisco in 1876. His family was constantly on the move. He sold newspapers at the age of 10. He attended Oakland High School. He traveled to the Yukon. He also died of overdose of morphine on November 22, 1916.
Call of the Wild themes
Call of the Wild shows the theme of determination. In the text Buck wants to be the lead dog on the team; even though he was a newcomer and Spitz had already created a reputation. This is similar to Jack's life because Jack was rejected by some editors but he was determined to keep on writing; he eventually became the highest paid writer of his time.

The Law of Life
White Fang
White Fang
by Jack London, the main character White Fang's loving actions are similar to London's. White Fang's ferocious character began to love each and everyone of his masters. White Fang at the end saved Scott's life because he began to love him. Similar to the way Jack London loved his family. This is how Jack London portrays his life experiences in his writings.
Jack London style

By: Ryan McDowell and Chris Simaku

In "The Law of Life" Old Koskoosh was in the Yukon when his tribe left him. "Here the great animal had fought desperately. Twice had he been dragged down, as the snow attested, and twice had he shaken his assailants clear and gained footing once more.He had done his task long since, but none the less was life dear to him."(London, Law of Life.) This relates to Jack London's life because his father left him when he was young. This forced him to sell newspapers at the age of 10 to keep his family alive.
Diction, Tone, and Syntax
Jack London uses a combination of medium and long sentences. For example; "In vague ways he remembered back to the youth of the breed, to the time the wild dogs ranged in packs through the primeval forest and killed their meat as they ran it down." His word choices vary from dull to serious. Loathsome, hostile, assailant, and primordial are some examples of his word choices. The tone is serious/solemn because of his word choice.
Diction, Tone, and Syntax
White Fang
Jack London uses long sentences to give rich images in the readers head. For example;"She was thrilling to a desire that urged her to go forward, to be in closer to that fire, to be squabbling with the dogs, and to be avoiding and dodging the stumbling feet of men." London's word choice vary from dry and simple to negative and sorrowful. Fretful, and death-ready are a few examples of London's word choice.
Diction, Tone, and Syntax
Jack London uses a variation of short, medium, and long sentences. sentences. For example;"Old Koskoosh strained his ears." and "Sit-cum-to-ha was his daughter's daughter, but she was too busy to waste a thought upon her broken grandfather, sitting alone there in the snow, forlorn and helpless." The tone in "The Law of Life" is serious. London's word choices are mostly serious. Abandoned, pondered, and are some of the examples of London's word choice.
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