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The Vampire's Tear

No description

Francesca Peruzzo

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of The Vampire's Tear

The three protagonists are: Bill, Michelle and Nick.
Bill is a tall and handsome boy. He is eighteen and he has got brown hair and blue eyes, and he plays basketball. He also attends the University of Southern California in Los Angeles after summer. (Page 7)
Michelle is Bill's sister. She is a cute girl of seventeen, with red hair and blue eyes. She want to be a journalist after the high school. She loves reading and solving mysteries. (Page 7-8)
Nick is Bill and Michelle's good friend. He comes from Montego Bay, Florida. He is a Chinese-American boy of eighteen and he is a basketball player like Bill. He is a very good student and he win a scholarship to study veterinary medicine at Columbia University in New York City. (Page 8)
Professor Stefan Morescu ia a tall, thin man of about fifty years old with pale skin, long grey hair and small glasses. He was born in Eastern Europe and he is a famous professor and author. He teaches East European History at the university and he is in charge of the big show at the museum. (Page 17)
Samuel Simms is a short, bald man of about forty years old, who is New York's most important jeweler: he has a luxury store on Fifth Avenue. (Page 39-40)
Victor and Daniza are a couple: an old man and an old woman wearing long dark grey jackets and black trousers. They are both short, thin, have little white hair and pale, wrinkled skin; they look poor and hungry. They are the cleaners who will come in the evening when the museum closes. They come from Eastern Europe but now they live near Central Park. (Page 40-42 and 54)
Bradley Ellis is a detective. He is a tall African-American in a dark blue suit who tries to discover the criminals. (Page 53)
Max and Bill are the two security guards who take turns working day and night. Phil is a tall man of about fifty years old who always laughs and tells joke. Max is a Hispano-American of about forty who often brings his wife's homemade cookies for the other to eat. (Page 52)
This story is set in New York City (also named Big Apple), one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world. It is a great center for bussines, entertainment, fashion, culture and the arts. (Page 4).
This story is also set at the International Art and History museum and in Central Park.
Bill and Michelle are siblings and are invited to spend the summer in New York by their friend Nick (Page 9). Bill and Nick work in a museum while Michelle visits the city (Page 10). Bill and Nick start working as attendants at the monthly show where rare artifacts and jewels are exposed (Page 36), and they make friends with the two security guards (Page 52). But one Friday morning something bad happens: Phil, the security guard, has died and the Vampire's Tear, a princeless object, has been stolen (Pages 52-53). The police arrives and starts to investigate about the crimes (Page 53). Also the three protagonists investigate and think about the suspects: the jeweler and the cleaners Victor and Daniza (Page 60). One night, the friends follow the two cleaners till Central Park, where they meet Professor Morescu, the director of the show who tells them to go home (Page 71).
The next day another murder happens at Central Park: a man has apparently been attacked by a vampire (Pages 79-80). The guys think that Morescu is guilty, so Michelle checks more about vampires at the public library (Page 82). The three friends make a plan: Nick and Bill decide to follow secretly the cleaners on the last day of the show (Page 84). They discover that they are vampires: they turn into bats and recuperate the Vampire's Tear, hidden in the chandelier (Page 98). They fly away and disapper forever. (Page 100) Nick and Bill call the detective and Prof. Morescu to show them the pictures of the bat-cleaners that Nick has taken before. (Pages 100-101) Prof. Morescu admits that he knows the true identity of the cleaners, so the police arrests him for being a silence accompliance. (Pages 102-104) The detective thanks the three friends for their help. (Page 105)
I like this story because even though it is set in a realistic place and time, there are some elements, like the vampires, that are existing only in legends. I think that this mixture of real and unreal elements makes the story interesting and misterious. I found the ending a bit disappointing because the police didn't capture the real criminals.
The Vampire's Tear
Corner, grocery store, seats, beside, silly, to unpack, wooden, curtains, pride, bothered, strict, cab, weird, delicatessens, settlement, harbor, whispered, artifacts, weapons, folktale, oak coffin, sharp, loan, brass, chain, fully, rather, wrinkled, towards, nodded, starved, plenty, weak, theat, ceiling, barelly, burglar, clues, harmless, flavors, dim, warrant, shadow, narrow, billboards, loyal, deck, huge, rink, guest.
The other characters
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