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Flawless~Sara Shepard

Totally 10 Assignment

Delaney Beuermann

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Flawless~Sara Shepard

Rosewood, Pennsylvania
Rosewood is where almost the entire book takes place. Rosewood is the town where Ali's body was found and where Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily live. The girls go to school here and where many of the main events go on.
Back in 7th grade, Ali and the girls decided to pull a prank by setting off a firework at the Cavanaughs. They accidentally launched it at Jenna and blinded her.
Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily still keep on receiving the same weird texts from "A" but now the texts are threatening to reveal their secrets. The girls are determined to figure out who "A" is and who Ali's killer is. Toby and Jenna Cavanaugh return from boarding school and Emily and Toby start to hang out. Emily and Toby went Foxy together. That night Toby committed suicide in the woods behind Emily's house.
The theme of this book is friendship because they are helping a friend even though she is dead. The girls are trying to figure out who her killer is. Another theme is determination. The four friends aren't giving up until they reach their goal of know Ali's killer and "A".
Spencer Hastings is the bold girl in the group. She will defend herself when she needs to. She is really smart and everything needs to be perfect.
Emily Fields likes to do what she wants but she isn't too pushy. She went to Foxy with Toby without her mothers permission because she knew that it would be no.
Hanna Marin is the popular girl at school andwill do anything for answers. She would disobey her mothers boyfriend who is a cop to get clues for her friends.
Aria will help is very independent and helpful. She keeps some things to herself like when she caught her father with Meredith.
The mood of this book is sort of dark because there is some mysterious and tragic things that happen. For example, if someone is watching and threatening you, you probably wouldn't be happy. These girls must be scared because its not a good thing when there are people threatening you.
The main conflict in this book is with "A" threatening them and not being able find the answers they want.
Pretty Little Liars
Four friends were having one of their normal sleepovers one night but they didn't know that it would be the night that they lost their best friend, Alison DiLaurentis. She had went missing. Three years later her body was found in her old backyard. Through out this book they get creepy messages from an anonymous person.
Sara Shepard
Sara Shepard
Delaney Beuermann
Sara Shepard is best known for her Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game series. She is an American author. She graduated from New York University and lives in Tuscan, Arizona with her husband.
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