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Number the Stars

'Number the Stars' is about two families, one Jewish, and the Jewish family is being evacuated. The other family is willing to help them by taking care of their daughter. They also help them by getting them over to a different country.

Abigail Egan

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Number the Stars

By: Lois Lowry

Thank you for your attention!
We recommend you to read this book because it teaches a valuable lesson about friendship, loyalty, and bravery. We really liked this book because we thought it was intriguing, interesting, and realistic. It also taught us how different things were, and how different people were treated.
Annemarie Johansen is a little girl who is surrounded by Nazi soldiers marching around in her town. When she finds out that her best friend Ellen Rosen's family is in danger her family offers to take care of Ellen until everything is safe for them to live. Annemarie also learns about real bravery by helping her friend, her family, and herself do the right thing.
This story involves Jews and Germans. The main Jewish characters' names are Ellen Rosen and her family. The German characters are the Nazis, and the Johansen's. The Johansen family is a family that is living in an area that is highly populated by Jews.
This story took place in northern Copenhagen in Germany. Annemarie and Ellen both lived in an appartment and go to the same school were they hold racing competitions every week. There are shops and cafes where they live also.
Ellen Rosen
Ellen Rosen is a jew who is hiding from the Nazis. Annemarie helps them by pretending to be sisters whith Ellen. Ellen is a 10 year old girl who doesn't exactly understand what is all happening yet. And her parents don't think she should know yet because she is so young.
Chapters 1-3
In the first three chapters of the book it starts out with Annemarie and Ellen have a little race between the two of them. Next Nazis start to restrain the lives of Jews even more, by closing Jewish businesses on certain days of the week. Then Annmarie, Ellen, and Kirsti-Annmarie's little sister-notice that their neighbor Mr. and Mrs. Hirsch are gone, and their shop is going out of business.
The Star of David
In this story, Ellen wears The Star of David. The Star of David is a strong aspect in Jewish life because it stands for their faith. Which is why it is such an imortant part of Ellen's family's life. It also shows their faith because they are wearing it for everyone to see. The Star of David is meant to tell everyone that they are proud of their faith.
Ellen's family celebrates the new year, so Ellen didnt have to go to school. But before they could lite the Sabbath candles and celebrate Mrs. Rosen came to Mrs. Johansen telling her that the Nazis had taken the list of Jewish families and were planning to arrest all of them. Mrs. Rosen asked Mrs. Johansen if they were to allow Ellen to live with them for a couple days. They told Kirsti and Annemarie and the Rossens were just going to visit reletives so they wouldn't get worried. They later to Annemarie about whats going on. Peter - a friend of the Rossens and Johansens are helping the Rossens by taking them somewhere that will keep them safe.
Chapters 4-6
That night the soldiers came to inspect the appartment were the Johansens lived to see if they were hiding anyone. All of the noise woke Annemarie, she stood by the door watching and listening to what was going on on the other side. When the soldiers were coming closer Annemarie frantically ran to the bed and woke up Ellen telling her to take her necklece - the Star of David - off. Ellen has never taken the necklace off in so long that she forgot how to. The soldiers were getting closer so Annemarie got an idea and ripped it off of Ellens neck.
The girls looked terrified as the soldier told them to get up. The Nazi asked what thier names were, Annemarie said hers and Ellen said her name was Lise Johansen. Lise Johansen was the oldest daughter until she got into an aweful car crash and died. The soldier realized that Ellen's hair was different than Annemarie's and Kirsti's. The soldier grabbed Ellen's hair and was getting suspicious. Mr. Johansen pulled out three photos of the girls as babies and showed the soldier. The picture of Lise as a baby looked exactly like Ellen which had saved her. After the soldier was done examining the photo he ripped it into two and left.
The next day Mrs. Johansen, Kirsti, Annemarie, and Ellen packed up to go to Mrs. Johansen's bother's - Henrik - so that they would be safer. Annemarie's father called Henrik and said "Is the weather good for fishing?" Which means "Is it safe to go there?" He also said "Inge will be bringing you a carton of cigarettes." Which means Inge - Mrs. Johansen - will be bringing a jew with her.
Chapters 7-9
When they got off of the train they followed the sidewalk that lead to a little dirt path that lead tho Henrik's house. Henrik lived in a little house by the ocean. Annemarie and Ellen were amazed by the sea because it was different from were they lived. They had oatmeal the next morning which was different too because they were used to eating bread and tea for breakfast.
The next day when Henrik came back he had asked if the living room was set up because there was going to be a casket in the living room. He told Annemarie that their Great-aunt Birte has passed away but Annemarie never heard of a Great-aunt Birte.
Later after supper Annemarie went into the barn by her uncle and told him that she new there was no Great-aunt Birte. He said that he had lied to make Annemarie, Ellen and Kirsti brave. When friends of the made up Great-aunt Birte came everything was quiet. Alot of people came including Ellen's parents.
Chapters 10-12
It was quiet in the house when the soldiers came to see why there was so many people in the house. Mrs. Johansen lied and said that their Great-aunt has died and said it was a custom to have to deseased person in the household before they were burried. After the soldeirs had examined everything and everyone and had left they opened the casket and to Annemarrie's surprise there was no body at all just folded blankets and clothing. Peter distributed the clothes to everyone around so they would be warm while he and other people sailed thier boats to Sweden with all of the jews on it. They are going to Sweden so the jews would be safe there.
Chapters 13-15
As Annemarie's mother came back from helping take the jews to the boats she forgot to give Peter a basket of apples and a block of cheese. Underneath there was a packet that was very important. Mrs. Johansen had fallen on the way back home and had sprained her ancle. She had asked Annemarrie if she could give it to Henrik. On the way there she sees a soldier with a dog. The soldier rips the bascket apart leaving the food on the ground for the dogs to eat. When Annemarrie got to the dock she gave the package to Henrik and quickly ran back home.
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