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Menu Planning and Food and Beverage

No description

Bridget Munnelly

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Menu Planning and Food and Beverage

First Course: Overview of Menu Planning and Food&Beverage

Second Course: The Importance of Menu Planning/Food and Beverage

Third Course: What there is to know with a side of hints, tips, etc...

Dessert: The latest, greatest and tastiest trends out there now in F&B

Menu Planning: Food and Beverage

Presentation by: Bridget Munnelly
Professor Butt
First Course
Overview of Menu Planning and Food&Beverage
Menu Planning;
a list of dishes served at a meal.
a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., developed in advance.
Food and Beverage;
F&B service refers to the provision of eatables and drinks in an establishment such as restaurants and hotels or through deliveries.
Referred to as F&B-
The two go hand in hand. As event planners, we must know the importance of both in order for a successful event. Which leads us to the...
Second Course
The menu dictates how your overall operation will be organized and managed, the extent to which it meets its goals, and even how the building itself should be designed and constructed.

Everything starts with the menu.
The Importance of Menu Planning
The menu helps determine so many factors of an event including:
Staff Needs
Production and Service Equipment Needs
Dining Space
Food Preparation
Service Plan
Overall Cost
Third Course
Tips, Tricks, and what you need to know.
Important catering considerations when planning event menu:
1. Know your guests profiles.
2. Know your guests preferences, while keeping in mind the client.
3. Provide Menu Choices
4. Incorporate Seasonal and Fresh Items
5. Select a Menu that fits the Event Schedule.
6. Anticipate Special requirements
7. Allow for a comfortable room set up
8. Consider the final presentation of Food&Beverage.
The five basic menu planning principles are...
1. Strive for balance.
2. Emphasize variety.
3. Add contrast.
4. Think about color.
5. Consider eye appeal.
The Latest Trends
Bride and Appetizers enter with a simultaneous entrance
Creative Presentations
Pairing foods with specialty beverages
Couture Cupcakes
Locally Grown Foods and Ingredients
Tips on saving money on alcohol for events:
Limit guest list
Bring your own (Easiest way to control quality and quantity)
Limit what is served
Serve signature drink
Make sure guests have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages
Limit time which alcohol is served
Preventing the "Drunk Uncle" at events...

1. Provide ample food...and have coffee ready.
2. Serve non-alcoholic drinks.
3. Limit variety of alcohol served.
4. Have a last call. (30 minutes before event ends is usually used)
5. Drink tickets, or smaller glasses.
-Food Trucks
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