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John Milton

John Milton and his Time

Erica Chung

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of John Milton

and his Paradise Lost John Milton 3rd marriage Group members 2nd Source: Prof. Rogers @Yale Why enormous shift in plans? English History Stuart 17TH CENTURY Charles the 1st 17th century Cromwell 17th century The Restoration 17th century After the Republic England 16th century The Horrible English Civil War Milton and his works Execution of Charles I Who was John Milton? 1st Source: Sparknotes 1. English History
2. Who is John Milton?
3. What made him write
"Paradise Lost"? PURITAN REVOLUTION Petition of Right Puritan Revolution The Restoration Autocracy Glorious Revolution Great Britain Submission to Charles the 1st ,Dismiss of Parliament Monarchy vs. Parliament, Dictatorship of Cromwell, Execution of Charles the 1st, Beginning of Republic Charles the 2nd, Text Act constitutional monarchy the Bill of Rights Summary of History "The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of Hell and a Hell of heaven"
- John Milton 3rd Source; Prof. Choi Summary the English History influenced his topic on "Paradise Lost"
Milton wrote "Paradise Lost" in order to
let people know the fallen conscience
warn toward the religion system
the voice for salvation.
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