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new orleans war signifigance

No description

kate lubotsky

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of new orleans war signifigance

About the War The war of New Orleans was a battle between Britain and America. During this war, they fought in many places along the Gulf of Mexico. The British were fighting for power over America. They wanted to abolish any chance America had of being a respected country. America, on the other hand was fighting to prove the point that even thought they were a new country, they were strong enough to handle their own country. What Came Out of Winning When the Americans claimed victory at the end of the war they gained quite a few rewards. First and foremost, they showed all countries around them that they are powerful. This then made the "Barbary States" stop stealing their men, let them continue trade with Britain, and earned them a great deal of respect, even though they were a young country. This win also helped them gain control of their ports again and fix the dangling economy. By Sophie and Kate The War of
New Orleans Significance #1 One of the main reasons the Americans thought that this
war was important was because they needed to show that they were strong. It was symbolic to show the rest of the world that they were ready to take on anyone who challenged them.
Even though it might have been a bad idea to fight with such a professional army, they new that if America stood for freedom that they would have to prove it. Significance #2 This war was essential in order gain not only a good reputation, but also in order to continue expanding their economy. Since Britain shut
down all ports, the U.S.'s economy was struggling. The only way to get out of debt and an economic crisis was to win. Thank you for watching We appreciate your patience
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